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FINAL UNDERGROUND recruiting. No Hierarchy! NO POLITICS!

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Crews are starting to crumble from within. WTF has the crew hierarchy done to peoples egos and loyalty within these crews? Politics. Worthless. A new and fast uprising crew FINAL UNDERGROUND, has done away with the petty politics. No member has any power over another member. We are looking for shooters as priority but are also interested in pilots and drivers. our motto: Unity, teamwork and COURAGE! We want people that COMMUNICATE in TDM and other battles. Teamwork is the key to overcoming more powerful foes. We don't always fire on people , but when an underground member is fired upon we take this personal. The crew leader has over 6 months experience in leadership in 2 top crews since Oct. This is the crew they never expected. This is your chance at retribution and revenge on the crews you hate. This is the definition of courage. This is the future of gaming.  This is... FINAL UNDERGROUND GAMING.   




Frequent Crew events 

Crew battles 

Crew vs Crew challenges

tips and knowledge to help you advance FAST

FUN! and LAWLESSNESS (except killing crewmates)

Website is being built and youtube is coming soon after.


See you there. Open recruitment will stop at 100 members. 



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