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[LCPD:FR] Liberty City Crime Unit (PROFESSIONAL)

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Liberty City Crime Unit

"Honor, Integrity, Service"


Welcome to GTA IV:PC's newest and most realistic LCPD:FR role play group. Featuring real life police officers, and members in the leadership with 5+ years of police role play background, this makes Liberty City Crime Unit a prime group for any new, or old, LCPD:FR users. The members who run the leadership team personally all have 3-6 years of background of running large groups ranging from a 10 to even 1000 player base. Since Liberty City Crime Unit is brand new, high ranking positions are still open and ready to be filled. To ensure that we are not recruiting just any member that could end up possibly ruining any fun, we have some basic requirements..


-Must be 14 years of age or older
-Must be willing to spend time working hard and having fun
-Must speak fluent English
-Must have a working, decent computer microphone
-Must have teamspeak3 (http://www.teamspeak.com/)
-Must be mature and professional

Our Ranking Structure

(Top=highest rank, Bottom=lowest rank)

Chief of Police
Deputy Chief
Detective Gr. 1
Detective Gr. 2
Detective Gr. 3
Officer Gr. 1
Officer Gr. 2
Officer Gr. 3
Probationary Officer



Our Vehicles



Interested? Feel free to check out our website @ ksgaming.net or join our TeamSpeak3 server @ central.ksgaming.net. Want more information, add us on skype- kingstongamingcommunity  See you in the field, Officer!
Best Regards,
Chief Underwood
Liberty City Crime Unit

Kingston Gaming Networks



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