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Chicago Police Department Now Recruiting


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Welcome to Chicago Police Department(CPD). Dedication and determination have been the foundation from which this Clan thrives from. Our advanced patrols are recorded for our ever growing fan base through YouTube. The CPD Clan has provided enjoyment and services for over many weeks and continues to reach milestones that were never possible before. The CPD Experience has proved to be a final stop for people in there search for the right GTA IV Clan. We will continue to provide that experience until the unforeseeable future. The question is will you.

Our Clan offers more sub divisions and departments than any other GTA IV Clan's. CPD provides all the following departments to its members: Police Department, Sheriff's Department, Chicago Bureau of Invest., Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Medical Services, Chicago Communications. Each department offers unique sub divisions for each. To apply to become a Recruit in any of the departments listed above you must be 14 years of age or older upon submitting your application. People applying at the age of 13 are required to join and complete the 7 day Explorer Program offered at the Chicago Police Department. For more information pertaining to the Explorer Program please visit the Explorer Program page listed under departments.

You can fill out a application here gta4-chicagopd.enjin.com/recruitment

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