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Real-Speed v1.2 final edition

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Real-Speed v1.2 final

A few friends and I have been working on a mod for GTA:SA to give all cars and motorbikes real life speeds. We were a little disappointed with some of the vehicle speeds in san andreas, things like the sanchez and the HPV1000 having the same top speeds, a ferrari having 120mph top speed and a powerfull 500cc racing bike only maxing 110mph let the game down in our eyes; so rather than just moan about it we thought we would try to put things right a little.

Along with their top speeds, all vehicles have had there acceleration tweaked in line with their speeds and realism based on the type of car. The traction on them has been slightly tweaked also depending on the type of vehicle, for example the Bullet - it's pointless having a car that can reach 200mph if it feels like someone has replaced your wheels with butter and your just spinning on the spot. That said, it's all kept within realistic limits though - for example; if you have a sports car on grass and go full throttle it will still spin out on you. The 4x4's can now handle hills alot better, like they should, while the top speeds have been kept down the torqe has been increased to allow for more power at low end.

Download Real-Speed v1.2 final here

Real-Speed mod Promo Vid.

Real-Speed mod Vehicle Speeds list.

v1.2 - reworked handling to reduce all vehicles acceleration.
      - changed turismo to rear-wd as it should be (R* had made it 4wd for some reason, a 4x4 f40, odd)
      - added 'extreme' install option for those stunters who still want the old style RS mod accel speeds.
v1.1 - improved installer. fixed oversteer problem on some cars
v1.0 - rewrite of all cars/bike tweaks to improve handling
v0.1 beta - first public release

The mod comes complete with its own installer which reads the path to GTA:SA from the registry, so you don't even need to point it at your game. It also gives 3 options, 1 - install Real-Speed mod for all cars and bikes, 2 - install for cars only, 3 - install for bikes only. When you install this mod the installer makes a back up your original file and will restore this file when you uninstall the mod. Security blurb - The installer has been checked and is free from adware, spyware, viri or any other nasties. If you have a problem with using the installer you can always download the zipped version and install manually to your gta:sa/data/ folder, be sure to backup your old files!

The team: Zeph - config, testing, research. Coshy - research, testing. Kamelion - testing, research. Zero3cool - installer.

We really hope you enjoy playing San Andreas with this mod as much as we do, but we really recommend you should wait until after completing the game before installing this mod. Let's not spoil the way the developers wanted us to play the game. :cool:

I'm not sure if this is the place for this info, sorry if it isn't. Feel free to move/delete as you see fit. Thanks. :)

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Just some constructive critisism: Some of the cars are wayyyy too light, and tip over too easily. I'll try write down a list.

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