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(Recruiting) [Roleplay] GTA 4 LCPDFR Precision Roleplay Clan


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Welcome to the GTA 4 Precision Role Play LCPD:FR Clan!

What do we do?

   We are a community that uses the mod LCPD:FR on the PC version of GTA 4. With this mod, we roleplay with various other mods that all work together in one pack to give you the ultimate role playing experience. We have many divisions such as Aviation, EMS, Fire Department, S.W.A.T, Dispatch, and most importantly, The Police Department. We have official and semi-official patrols. Official patrols usually have more people and are more serious than semi-official patrols. We use teamspeak for Radio traffic communication. We use a list of 10 codes for radio traffic and have many aspects in the clan that make it very fun and realistic. We often patrol Broker-Dukes but also patrol other areas at times.

What do we have to offer?

We use our very own mod-pack with peds, custom skins, some custom vehicles, and many other useful mods. We have many different divisions that you can train in and join that are listed above. Our directors have plenty of experience in modifying the game to suit the clans needs. We have lots of fun. During semi-official patrols, you can sometimes goof around a little. Outside of patrols, we are almost always talking on teamspeak. However, all members must follow our policies which will be available soon (We are currently re-writing it). This policy includes respecting members, even out of patrols.

What Divisions do we have to offer?

Police Department


   -Aviation (Air 1)

Fire Department


   -Rescue Squad

   -Aviation (Med-Evac)


We also have out of game divisions such as:

- Human Resources

- Training

- Technical Support

- Mod Pack Development

Who can join?


- Must be 13

- Must have a clear Microphone

- Must have a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PC.

- Must be able to talk over TeamSpeak 3

How do I progress in Ranks?

In order to progress in rank, you must be an active member on the TeamSpeak server and in Patrols. You should also help out with anything you can, if you can. Promotions are earned not given. Probationary periods will be a minimum of 1 week. You must attend training before you are given ranks. Training schedules are posted in the Training office channel information on TeamSpeak. Personnel falling inactive will not be immediately promoted.

Recruiting Process

To be recruited into the clan, these steps will be taken:

1. You must fill out this application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RHvsZJua8dXQ00KIqsKS_vg3YPiEnHEMTWM6Kz8QdV0/viewform?usp=send_form

2. After filling out an Application, you must join our teamspeak 3 server: voice.precisionroleplay.org and wait for a member of human resources to move you into the interview room. If you are not moved within 5 minutes, Leave and come back later.

3. In the interview room we will ask you questions about your application and interests.

4. After the interview stage, you will become a Probationary Member.

5. When we think you’re ready, you will become a Full Member of the Clan.

6. After becoming a Member, you are free to join any division you’d like.

If you would like to learn more, visit our TeamSpeak 3 server, voice.precisionroleplay.org.

We are currently working on a new website that will be up soon.

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