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Last falls Look Into ND's Origins....

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The more then successful Industry leaders along with Rockstar Games is expert 3rd person game maker Naughty Dog, and I have to admit that for an earlier console generation, their mascot leading Playstation game was also a hit, though it seemed just to counter the highly successful hedgehog Sonic. A mascot game character that proliferated on all fronts.


Crash Bandicoot offered an old arcade aesthetic within a new gen console game software arsenal and it looked and sounded brilliant. A taste of things to come




Page 3 will require you skip back a bit, but this shows the beginning of the 1990s where computers led to consoles and there was an instant conflict for gamers of both that continues to this day!


[in the modern sense, in historical context, the CONSOLE game platform PRE-DATES personal computing, this people tend to forget in their arguments for or against fans of the other]

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