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GTAChronicles maybe Gone FOREVER?!?!

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I'm sad to say my hands are tied over bringing GTAChronicles website back to life, I helped formed the site from it's very first origins as the former Slamman, but STILL the SLAMMAN from GTAForums once I was banned over and over, and over again.


My own opinions were just toooooooo brutally honest, if I made a mistake at all, GOD FORGIVE ME, must be perfect, unlike others.... ANYONE else it seems to me, not to rant on an old subject, but it seems like many forgot just what prompted the state we're in today. It's GTAForums banning people left and right without a fair hearing, their words and remarks stood like the Nazi tribunals and to me, that ain't how you run business. Forums are for the FANS voices, not STAFF, not Admin, NOT moderators, in so much as that's where people are walking on egg shells not to set their ire off. They just don't do the job tasked to them in any manner worth a salt.


I tried to treat people as the Golden Rule dictates; treat people the way YOU want to be treated, if the shoe was on the other foot, you'd see Mods, Admin, Staff getting pretty upset if they were treated as underclass, but they had a virtual weapon at their disposal! BAN, or worse!?!?


Anyway, GTAChronicles was a DIRECT answer to that, and it actually took off with the amount of members originally actually being active to at least post an introduction, but you don't and WON'T see that online now because it crashed, and wiped out the database at least 3 times in 4 odd years or so of putting our effort across.


Hoping there is a future for a site for me and my friends, but this is it for the time being. Glad you guys are so understanding and welcoming, that's how active or not, you appeal to most people!

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TripMills is one of GTAChronicles' co-conspirators, so no matter what GTAForums staff thinks of me, He respected me enough to support the site both in work and in money required, however he tells me his home bills have gone up and he's had to pull all his online spending, not just GTAC's site host costs, but that's the reason for the Dot Com domain being withheld as is now, just for ad links. We do have a database archive best of my knowledge residing with Webmaster PCguyTech, aka Mike. ModMike.... But he's off with his family and a new child in his life this past year, and I'd imagine cut drastically into his online time as well. So there it is, the absolute truth about why it's offline presently.


Costs were fairly minimal, but they were an annual monthly annoyance as you can well imagine

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