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Get Ready.... 10th Anniversary ... San Andreas GTA County

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San Andreas is next celebrating it's birthday, and I wondered if we should start an article or there was one prepped already. I recently went back to the game to see how it performed with my newly setup Core i7 Quad with HyperThreading, and nVidia Quadro embedded Dell Latitude E6410 laptop, using Windows 7 as well, Professional variety. I recently refurbished the machine, and as PC owners know, everything SA downward is an easy computer install, with no rings to jump through, BUT they have proven difficult to assimilate to some hardware setups

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I'm sure Rockstar will throw some special items out perhaps, and art, a celebration in some ways, no Hot Coffee though, I'm sure! hahaha


I'd found in my sister's husband's PC gaming mag collection a few articles on the PC side of GTA in those earlier years, one I mentioned when I happened across it detailed the early stages of Hot Coffee unearthed and the controversy that followed, there were a few staff at Rockstar commenting over the years on the mods and making the code available for PC people to do such mods, however, they did far less interviews since the HC controversy, so much of it scalded the staff who had envisioned a way to make a R or X rated 'push the envelope' addition to GTA San An, it seemed originally that programmers put it in as a diversion during the build, but the book on Rockstar Games I also bought and detailed, it tells a more definitive story, where Sam Houser had talked of the idea, not realizing the ratings board system and USA gaming market would nix his idea out of hand!

As you know, they found out the hardway leaving it semi-hidden and then discovered!


They were already dealing with people carrying out GTA like mayhem in the real World and courting controversy to promote the games since it's inception, this all played into it's bad reputation I feel since it could never live that down. It is a game where morals are just present, it's up to the player to adopt ways and means and really presented as the Interactive Sandbox game, but you are also an Anti-Hero, paying no special service to any one side but your own (Self preservation)


Anyway, that reflects as well in the 10 years since San Andreas as part of it's history and fallout, a number of staff left Rockstar after Hot Coffee, I was even a bit shocked to learn of that, but again, in the book I mentioned, and those people have not been seen commenting about GTA since!


The book is Jacked, and it's based on whatever interviews and information they could gather from the Houser brothers, press, and other staff who worked there, so I believe it to be as accurate as they could manage it, Rockstar were not taking part in offering additional information for the book, but I find it doesn't reflect poorly on the studio in fact, it does present things without bias.


As for gaming on the Latitude E6410, the Quadro nVidia with just 512MB is rumored not strong enough for 3D gaming, but there's no real better option for the business class Latitudes, I'd been using Dells since my first 14 inch, the C600 Pentium 3 based machine, and some credit to Dell, they've always offered discrete graphics for most of their machines, but the boards and options are seriously limited, and yes, even with Multi Core, multi Threading (returned in the Core i series), the performance is still based on the software design and coding, no matter what the hardware, as so much of that varies, I find it does run smooth so far, whereas cut scenes would choke on some machines, and the more cars, action, and people you had in any one screen you were interacting with would hamper the frame rates.


Here's a relatively dated Non Rockstar sourced article on it;


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Apparently we passed the actual release in 2004, anywho, it's one of the major GTA releases, though some still love Vice City best, San Andreas for most showed what the ageing consoles it was released upon could do with a grand canyon sized map layout and story stretching across different, varied regions, My hope had always been once they'd perfected the GTA game on that hardware (Renderware), it could branch out to new maps and stories on the same hardware while avoiding the learning curve of new console hardware. Next thing we know, Sam Houser is touting the planned ground up for PS3, and people were thinking, Xbox360 must have GTA, and of course, the war was just heating up upon that as well

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