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GTA IV LCPDFR 10-8RP Recruiting


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Welcome to the 10-8RolePlay community website. We are a GTA IV LCPD-FR Role-Play Clan that strives to reach a realistic in game experience when on Patrol in Liberty City, we are a semi new clan founded and ran by members of the former Highway Patrol division of LCDoJ. Our Director, Jordan W. is a full time firefighter and former U.S. Army and Deputy Director Tim R. is a full time police officer and as well former U.S. Army. With experience you can count on, every member of the commanding staff has operated within another clan for no less than just under two years and in joining 10-8RolePlay you will find yourself submerged in the realism of a real-life law enforcement community, with the respect and integrity to follow. 

10-8 RolePlay’s commanding staff is created from the professional standpoints of integrity and responsibility. We believe that all members should have an equal opportunity in participating within a role inside the community that they desire. Because of this, we've created a system that will evaluate members of the community and place them in positions that are fitting for the member, regardless of factors that are otherwise utilized in other clans. 
We offer two emergency service departments to start with when joining 10-8RolePlay, such as the Liberty City Police Department and Liberty City Fire/EMS Services. Once you have been in the clan for 30 days and have achieved a specified rank with in your department, you as a member have an opportunity to join a sub division of your department, such as Traffic Enforcement, K9, Air Patrol, Criminal Investigations, or SWAT. You also will have the Opportunity to join the Liberty State Police Division which is a elite force of Officers that only accepts applications from current members of 10-8RolePlay.
When you apply to 10-8RP, you are taking the first steps towards joining a immeasurable community that provides a “Real Life” role play experience in each of our departments. No matter where you go within the community you will find professionalism and a lot of fun driven players. We ask our applicants to be 16 years of age or older, if you are 14 or 15 exceptions may be made for individuals who can demonstrate the level a maturity we are looking for in members.
If inclined on your application to join 10-8RolePlay you will be invited onto our teamspeak for a formal interview and as long as you pass the interview you will receive an official welcome to the clan and be advised of a set training date for you to attend your Basic Academy Training that way you are provided with the skills, knowledge, and how to;  to be an officer within 10-8RolePlay. Once you have complete your Basic Academy Training you will then receive our Clan members Only Pack and be able to join us in active patrols.
We are Actively Recruiting and Accepting Applications for GTA-IV and look forward to seeing you join us soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate and contact a member of our Administration Staff to assist you. 
Check it out at www.10-8rp.com
Thank You for your Interest!

~10-8 RP Staff
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