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(Recruiting) Liberty City Bureau of Policing & Rescue


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Welcome to the Bureau of Policing & Rescue, Liberty City's Premire Law enforcement & Rescue department. Servicing Liberty City and the greater LC Area we are the primary policing, ems and fire agency that not only patrols the streets of liberty and crack down on crime but we also rescue innocent people from burning buildings and save lives.


Our dvisions range from regular city police to special operations teams that preform high risk rescue and takedown missions. The special operations teams are only deployed if regular officers cannot handle the situation such as a hostage situation.


Our divisions are considered different offices that manage everything from patrol officers to fire fighters and ems personnel.


Ingame divisons "offices"

-Office of City Police

-Office of S.I.U (Special Investigations Unit)(can be out of game as well)

-Office of S.A.P.R (Sea/Air - Patrol/Rescue)

-Office of Special Operations

-Office of S.F.A.R (Special Fire And Rescue)


Out of Game Divisions

-C-Tac (Central Tactical Communications)

(more to come as needed)



Our command staff is very knowledgeable and always ready to help if needed.


Applying to the clan


There are 2 steps to becoming a member of the clan


step one: Fill out the application on this website: http://bureauofpolicingandrescue.enjin.com once the application has been filled out and submitted a training or recruitment officer will contact you for an interview and provide you with the teamspeak adress to join.


step two: Once you have been contacted and provided the ip address we ask that you please come on the teamspeak server and present yourself for a oral interview. once the interview has been completed you will be assigned the proper tags and provided with the mods necessary to play with us in a multiplayer game.




16 & under (if under the age of 16 you must be able to prove that you can be professional and can handle taking orders from higher ups without arguing)

Working Mic

Speak English Fluently

Valid GTA:IV copy (steam or cd)


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