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Google YouTube Rights Violations Etc.

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Of course if you've used YouTube you know it started modestly then Google took over HALF the Internet and as such, messed around with YouTube as well, with Google+ posting updating trying to get people away from Facebook I imagine.


Well, I found out with two video uploads most recently that I got a warning about the last one violating a user's rights to the content. From what I recall of the full clip, it was made with camcorder at the TV showing the music streaming service of my own cable, and was between song selections, but irregardless. I got a strike, warning, probation for 6 months or so, and a 'Copyright violation school' course True or False cartoon


There's a joke posting about this cartoon as well, I noted after the fact. The first time I used YouTube it was with my original account, I re-registered because it was more or less trial and error. I got a second chance with eBay as well, and that's almost required in my case, I catch on slow since it's not entirely obvious why things might be in violation.


Because YouTube-Google had to relent to a mass of public music and video uploads, as fitting with the format. Plenty of people overwhelmed however many rights police are on hand and some have figured ways to sidestep the software, like pitch adjustments during uploads.


I ask you though.... Why is it they come down on ME for this latest video in which I clearly filmed with a camera and talked narrative over the music which was already fading out and transitioning between programmed songs... The idea I followed was that of instructional and informative video, not plainly sharing a video or audio clip from some consumer product. I like to explain findings of mine, in my videos, and I just consider them vBlogs, or Video Blogging for those unaware of the term.


I don't know how I got singled out this time with all the other full album and movie uploads still on YouTube, BUT it makes me worry that if you find something still on YT you want to see or hear, better NOT wait to do so, it may come down at ANY time, so it would seem!


Oh, and after completing 'Copyright School' I sent a posted comment with a clipboarded screen image (as is allowed within the YT pages) to notify YouTube of my intention with the clip, but I do confess using the uploader, I may have forgot Copyright Reserved wording and disclaimers I assumed are mostly automatically generated

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