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GTA Vice City 100% Complete Save Game with all Special Vehicles


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I like to give my 100% completion files for PC with collecting all rare and special vehicles. Download it and enjoy. I will tell where all of special vehicles are located.
1.) Car Showroom Garages

Left to right is numbered 1,2,3,4....

1st Garage -
BP/FP/EP Sabre Turbo, FP Cheetah, FP Banshee, FP Infernus

2nd Garage -
UC Black Pony, UC Black Sentinel, UC Black Washington, UC Black Rancher

3rd Garage -
UC Gold Stretch, UC White Admiral, UC Black Admiral, BP/FP/EP/DP/UC Silver Admiral

4th Garage -
FP Rare Romeros Hearse, UC Black Voodoo, Rare Romeros Hearse, UC Blue shade and White Maverick

2.) Hyman Condo Garages

1st Garage -
BP/FP/EP Squalo, FP/EP Hotring Racer, UC Black and metallic red Bobcat

2nd Garage -
NE Bloodring (Oceanic), NE Bloodring (Glendale), UC Silver Stretch

3rd Garage -
NE Taxi, NE Cabbie, NE Kaufman Cab, NE Zebra Cab

3.) Vercetti Estate Garage - BP/FP/EP PCJ 600, UC Blue shade PCJ 600, UC Silver PCJ 600, UC Black Sanchez

4.) El Swanko Casa Garage - UC Gray secondary Patriot

5.) Links View Apartment Garage - UC White Walton

6.) Ocean View Apartment Garage - Rare Spand Express

Never Wasted and Busted!

Weapons: Fist, Katana, Teargas, Colt Python/.357, Combat Shotgun, MP5/MP, Ruger/Kruger, Minigun, Sniper Rifle, Camera.

Clothes Player Currently Wears: Frankie

Criminal Rating: Godfather (1002570)
Here are download Links:



or http://www.mediafire.com/download/pk4r8drra265d72/


NOTE: Not work in GTA Vice City BETA Version and Android/iOS!

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