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Liberty Emergency Service Agencies


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The Liberty Emergency Service Agencies Clan, "LESA" for short is recruiting. Established in early 2010, LibertyESA is the redesign of a two year old GTAIV law enforcement role playing group. Founded with the purporse of redefining "clans"; LibertyESA promotes a laid-back, friendly, and close-knit environment while maintaining professionalism and care. 
What makes LibertyESA stand out above the rest? Each department is led by working members of the first responder community. Furthermore, our group does not require new or prospective members participate in a training program – training scenarios do exist within our ranks, but participation is completely voluntary. During a patrol, we run the LCPD:FR modification on our own computers and respond to crimes; we do use some other scripts, Bravehearts Policing Script is one example. We also respond to fellow officers and calls given to us by Dispatchers. Occasionally, we may organize an event, or a spontaneous one will start during patrol.
Finally, most of our game is modified to enhance the game play experience. Many of these modifications are member created, such as a dispatching program, custom vehicle liveries, scripts, and uniforms. These modifications are strictly created for our members to enjoy. We run our gaming sessions in the "Freeplay Mode" in multiplayer. These gaming sessions are referred to as "Patrols", we have a number of patrols throughout the week, and they can last from 30 minutes, up to a number of hours. However, members are free to run their own patrols.
With this overall combination, we are more than confident that LibertyESA is the right place for you.
            Thank you for taking the time to review and consider LibertyESA for your role playing group of choice.


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