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Greetings from the past: 1970s-2000s (Machinima set)


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1) BCSO 1999: Russian criminal mastermind decided to put local criminals to the test. He wants to work only with the ace of aces. Who will finish the race first?

2) LSSD 1975: A story of one arson.

3) LSPD 1989: Unlucky gangsters tried to rob some parked cars. Cops responded.

4) NYSP 1999: An attempt to rob a Ammunation Van. NYSP are trying to stop the robber.

5) LSPD 1992: LSPD chasing stolen vehicle.

6) BCSO 1993: BCSO saves kidnapped superstar

7) BCSO 1989: Gangsters of the Grove Street gang decided to go to Blaine County for easy money. Cops on alert and give them a decent welcome.

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