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Problem with Sound modding in GTA:SA


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Hello Everyone .

I am Trying to create my own sound mod for gta:sa . The sounds are pretty amazing and propably will upload it . But i am facing two problems and i dont know how to fix them !

Problem 1 : After i replace the sounds on SAAT GUI Frontend and After i save and re-open SAAT to verify if they are well installed or no , the sounds turn into a weird , fuzzy and unclear sound (you can say the quality of the sound is pretty much worse and worse) . i thought maybe it is a problem of the extention (wich is WAV 32bit float PCM) . i also tried with WAV 16bit but i hear no sound at all! so can you please tell me what is the proper extention i should use ? or if it is not a problem of extention can you tell me what could be wrong ?


Porblem 2 : Game Crahes as soon as i hop in the sound edtied vehicle .


ill be very appreciated if you can solve those 2 problems !

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