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Street Fighter V

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Street Fighter V is back the ARCADE has been correct SF will never be discarded. I wish it would also be released in Pocket,iOS,Android  platforms.

Street Fighter V upholds the series' legacy, offering a diverse cast of 16 characters that bring its great fighting engine to life. Combatants new and old alike vie for your attention with infectious personalities and unique fighting styles. Some of Street Fighter IV's iconic mechanics have been retired in favor of new ones that add to the distinct qualities of each character, stripping away universal actions in favor of specialized skills. While I was wary of the relatively small roster at first, it's clear that a lot of attention was put into making every character stand apart from the rest, including the veritable fighting game "brothers," Ken and Ryu. Though the roster makes fighting with a friend at your side an exceptional thrill, cracks begin to show when you try to engage with the game by yourself.

There's an immediately apparent lack of modes in Street Fighter V, some of which have been around since Street Fighter's early years. There's no Arcade mode, and no way to fight against the CPU in the traditional one-on-one versus mode. More importantly, there's almost no way someone without the drive and knowhow of a hardcore competitor can parse the game's movelists and mechanics, and the potential strategies these elements introduce.

Fighting within this system feels great, and Street Fighter V delivers tense one-on-one fights, either in person or online. Capcom's servers weren't stable at launch, but they are mostly fixed now, one week in. Occasional hiccups occur, where the results of a fight fail to report back to the server--a pain for anyone playing in Ranked mode--but it's a very rare occurrence, thankfully. Street Fighter V's netcode is largely stable and consistent, but if you ever find yourself fighting someone with an average connection or lower, the choppiness that ensues renders a fight pointless as the frame-rate becomes erratic and both players frantically attack in the hopes of landing a blow amid the chaos.



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