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I could really use the help


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Hi all,


I've always been a fan of GTA 5, but besides from having it on ps3 and borrowing it from a friend for the ps4 I never owned the game. Until now. 

I still had some money left from doing heists a while ago and I want to hop in the gunrunning, drugslab, biker club part of GTA online.


I would't consider myself as a noob in the gameplay, as for driving, shooting and flying. The problem is that I have literally no idea what to do. I bought a clubhouse and started a MC (some friend will join later as it is holiday time) and bought a bunker, both in an impulse to start off with the newest DLC's.


Besides from the set up mission for gunrunning (i think?) and a contract mission for the MC I have no clue what to do next. There is a big chance that I'll play most of my time alone, but definitely not always. Of course I want to start making big money, with growing weed for example. But I'm missing out on the money to buy a farm (and other essentials if there are any?)


I do not really have an idea what to do with the bunker or the MC, the meaning of CEO and such and basically how to start with 'working' or what buildings are necessary to run business/labs.


I can imagine that no one is going to give me a complete guide on what, how and when (would be awesome though), so any information, help, tips, links to guides or youtube content are also welcome.

There are way more questions that I could ask, but I guess that when I understand the overall idea the rest will follow!


Thanks in advance :)!


P.S. Any (relatively) new players, in this particular situation, could always add me! I'm from the Netherlands, but my English should be good enough!

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