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Myths Mod 3 - The Return Of The Monsters

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Myths Mod 3 Grammatical mistakes FIX :


CJ after retiring for years from the MIB while he is robbing a bank is saved by the same boss. Here he will know that all the monsters that had been killed years ago have been brought back to life. Who resurrected all the monsters in the state of San Andreas and for what purpose?


The mod contains missions similar to Rockstar Games, you don't have to go in place, find the monsters and kill them, the mission will guide you.
As you go on with the missions, the monsters will start to be more powerful and lethal. Some missions are short and some others are very long, there will be many boss fights with the best known characters such as freddy krueger or leatherface. Basically you can buy vehicles and weapons but you can also unlock something completely new and more powerful as you go on with the missions.

This mod will test you and it requires lots of skills to face these monsters and you will have to perform tactics to defeat them.

Have fun!
Please read carefully what the mod setup has to say.

Scripting by Warrock2472
Maps and skins conversions by Manu
Italian-English translation = Bozza97
myths mod 3 Base and mod design (wallpapers etc ..) and tips about the mod by xSharks197


1578221252_Myths mod 3 setup.rar

Edited by Manu01

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