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(Guide) How to mod Textures and Audio

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The basic steps are:


1. Extract the GTA3PSP.IMG from the game ISO using UMDGen / PowerISO or any other program


2. Open thy file in GTA Stories Texture Explorer by Dageron or YAIE


3. Export the texture you want to change as .TIM2


4. Use OPTIX iMage Studio to convert it to a file format, which you can edit (I use psd)


5. Edit that file in RGB mode


6. Import it back into OPTIX Studio and use Image -> color reduction -> output colors -> 16 colors and Alpha -> reduce color including Alpha value -> slider all the way to the right.


7. Save as .tm2 with the settings 4bit TIM2, 32bit CLUT, CSM1 CLUT and Alignment -> 16 bytes.


8. Use GTA Stories Texture Explorer to import your modified texture and save the file.


9. Replace the old the with the new one and save the ISO









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