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[GTA 5 RP] Role play Club 2.0 | Economy based | Own framework

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Hi guys! We are glad to present our Role Play project in GTA 5. This is really something new, which you have not seen before on typical RAGE: MP / FiveM projects that work on the same framework.

We have spent over 2 years developing this project. This is our own framework and everything is here! Account system, economy, inventory, personal transport, factions, quests, jobs, gangs, furniture arrangement in the house, animations and much more!


• You can have several game accounts (characters).

• • All the money earned, purchased property, experience, and so on is saved to your account.
• • Invite your friends and get bonuses. Check out the "Promo codes" app on your in-game iPad.






• There are no text commands on our server.

• • All interaction with the game world takes place through a unique interface that was created specifically for our project. It is beautiful and easy to use at the same time.




• Instead of the main menu, you can use the in-game iPad.

• • Chat with other players via Twitter or iMessage.
• • Communicate in voice chat using the Calls application.
• • View your statistics.
• • Manage your business, housing and transportation.
• • Use the "Promo codes" application to invite your friends to the server and get unique bonuses!
• • Customize your car with the dedicated "Handling" application. To do this, you need to install chip tuning on your car.
• • Call a taxi and much more! 19 applications in your iPad for a comfortable and interesting game!






• The server has an economy. You can't just pick any outfit or car for your character. To buy any things you need to make money.

• • Don't like grind? You will receive your personal car immediately after registration.
• • You will be able to buy economy class housing in 2-3 days of the game.
• • Do you like grind? Then you can upgrade your character's skills and earn even more money!
• • There is a marketplace on the server where you can trade unrique things that you crafted in your own workshop.





• You will love our unique transport system!

• • Real cars.
• • Have an unlimited number of vehicles.
• • Preservation of damage, fuel level, tuning.
• • Transport has its own inventory.
• • If you blow up a car, it will go to the parking lot.
• • Speed limiter.
• • Seat belts.
• • Speedometer (mph | km/h)
• • And much more!





• There are so many jobs and quests that we won't even list them! Be an electrician, loader, trucker or work on the crime boss - car theft, drugs and more!

• • The more you work, the higher your experience and salary!
• • More than 20 works and quests.




• At the moment we have 100 businesses, from a car dealership to a hairdresser. You can buy several businesses at once!

• • 24 \ 7
• • Tuning studio
• • Ammunition
• • Barber shops
• • Tattoo parlors
• • Car showrooms (economy, medium, business, real, motorcycle dealership and so on)
• • Gas stations (gasoline, diesel)
• • Clothing stores (binko, suburban, ponsonbus)
• • Car washes
• • Bars
• • Clubs
• • Strip club

• • You can set cashback for your personal business to compete with other businessmen!




• We were the first to make a casino after Rockstar added it to GTA Online.

• • Roulette
• • Slot machines






• We have a complete farm! Grow vegetables or forbidden plants. You can also steal other people's plants from the garden! Use the grown plants for sale or for crafting.

• • Use plants for crafting.
• • Sell plants to Bob the farmer.
• • Steal other people's plants from the beds.
• • Protect your beds.
• • Water the plants.
• • Remove weeds.
• • Be careful with cannabis and the police!




• After registration, you were shot by training quests, with which you will earn your first money. There are also illegal quests and quests for faction members.

• • Get to know the server through tutorial quests.
• • Complete illegal quests to earn big money! Don't get caught by the police!





• There is a mayor election every month. This is done using scripts on the server.

• Police:
• • You can recognize players and search for criminals among them.
• • You can declare players wanted.
• • You can search players and confiscate prohibited items.
• • You can tie up players and take them to the jail.
• • Guard banks and do not let criminals rob them.

• Army:
• • You can take part in hostilities when criminals are trying to capture a significant object.
• • Help the police to protect banks during robberies.

• Physicians:
• • Rescue the players.
• • Maintain hospital duty and care for sick patients.

• Government:
• • Perform various assignments (quests), which are called using scripts.
• • The governor can appoint leaders for other factions.
• • Election of the governor is held every month from the voting. (script on the server)

• Instructors:
• • Issue licenses to other players and make good money!




• Create your own gang (script on the server)!

• • You can buy cars for your gang.
• • You can customize the ranks for your gang members.
• • Each gang has its own common fund with money.
• • You can fight for territories in the ghetto and increase your rating.
• • You can capture various factories and businesses.
• • The higher the rating of your gang in the top, the more opportunities are open for you!
• • The highest ranked gangs can mark themselves on the map and buy more cars.




• You can buy a free house or apartment.

• • You can buy an unlimited number of houses and apartments.
• • You can make repairs to your home. Change walls, windows, etc.
• • You can buy furniture.
• • You can move other players into your house.
• • You can have an unlimited number of houses and apartments.
• • You can make your own workshop in the house and use CRAFT!




• Crafting is our unique system. Look for various items and resources to create unique items that cannot be bought in a regular store.

• • You can buy and sell unique craft items on the marketplace.
• • All items on the marketplace are sold by regular players.


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