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Whoah, 10 Friggin' Years!!


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Hey all, just to say this 55 plus year old kid, back to feeling 10 years younger with GTA Six now officially 'dropped' despite so much unexpected hacker leaks.

I missed seeing virtually all leaks, but caught the response.

Now 10 years on, 5 years of solid Red Dead Redemption as well, time to compare what is at least a cut-scene movie likely to be a bit different come 2025 [fall???] but hopeful end result to real world, hands-on environment game play.... my example here is AI dramatization of a police chase on foot of a 'perp' in GTA5 that virtually doesn't happen in-game.

I played GTA, RDR, Uncharted almost exclusively... pretty much the only games holding my attention, and one franchise appears over, forever... sadly

Sony-Naughty Dog's Uncharted, so fun and well crafted, can't help but be sad for.

GTA6 trailer, on the other hand, brings to mind, dodging deadly animal attacks in urban sunny setting, not unlike RDR2 and having GTA San An type riotous gangs of motorized miscreants

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