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Da Wait...


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Besides a cool Metallica Killing Joke cover, or SNL Bears football sketch [Da Bears??] We have to steel ourselves for a long wait

I suspected a drop in a year, not two!  ... so hopefully not that long into Decade No2

GTA6 trailer was referred to beforehand as a teaser, then I read it was 90 seconds long, much better than expected!

Lots to ponder, look over, analyze  ... The Hype made it to BBC World News 'crawl' on local PBS Weather channel!!

their minor headline said; ''breaking down the trailer, in 97 seconds'', something like that

I wager it's on their website but didn't check it out... yet

Grand Theft reports I have seen touch on Jason, male lead I believe, along with Lucia

Perhaps you saw one site saying fans think there's a Red Dead Redemption connection there! I rather doubt that , but what springs to mind is 'Jason' from GTA4 side plot for Lost & the Damned... He was definitely a stand out character for the storyline, time lines being a modern setting, rather then 1911 time frame in American history, a connection like interconnected businesses and locations across the fictionalized USA Rockstar is still mining, I do expect some 'in-joke' type connections somewhere

As an aside; another report on Take 2 mentioned Streuss Zelnick commenting on an idea he thinks gamers should pay more for the same game based on more hours entertainment they get out of it, but that seems flawed off the bat

GTA-Online over 10 plus years, with RDR-O and any other Multi-player online model costs more right off the bat, it ain't free Lifetime Service!

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