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PSP 2.0 hacked


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This is from http://pspupdates.qj.net/2005/09/hello-20-world.html

The first code for ‘Hello World’ has been released today by groepaz of Team Hitmen / Toc2rta. This marks a significant milestone for homebrew coming to 2.0, although there is still a ways to go. Come chat with us irc.toc2rta.com #pspchat, #pspupdates, #pspcaliber. For those who do not have a 2.0, someone has also made a video demonstrating this being run on a 2.0 PSP. From the readme: “

Hello World v1 for PSP v2.0

(w) 24/09/2005 by Groepaz/Hitmen


greets to Skylark, Niacin, Skywalker, xor37h, Tyranid

this is a simple example on how to use the C compiler from pspsdk for creating

a binary that works with the exploit/loader released by someone else the other day.

its VERY basic, some C features will not work, C++ most definetly wont. you will need

to call syscalls directly (not via kernel stubs/NIDs). your program can be max 64k big."

Also, you will have to restart your PSP to make this go away, the thread is not killed when exiting the Photo area on the PSP.

You can get it in our PSP Download section.

You can get the video in our PSP Download section

Update: We have just received the source code.

You can get it in our PSP Download section.


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