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IGN Interview, New Videos and Mag Previews


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IGN has recently interviewed Frank Vincent, the voice of Don Salvatore Leone. They have also released 2 brand new videos.

This week the Official Playstation 2 in the UK and OPM previewed Liberty City Stories. Both of them had more or less the same info from their articles. They discuss some of the missions they got to play. One of them is where a priest orders Toni to go and kill a rapper, an actor and a music diva. The priest is most likely called "Father Ned" as they both talk about him further into their articles. OPS2 UK also named a brand new vehicle called the "Hellenbach GT". Mini missions like "Vigilante" will make a return in Liberty City Stories. OPS2 also suggests that Rockstar is lieing about the "no flyable vehicles" in the game. This is only what OPS2 thinks and not what Rockstar is saying.

We have also updated our screenshots page recently.

Links: IGN Interview and New Videos

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