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First, think of what you want to mod. Then download appropriate tool and get familiar with it. You will also need some resources to mod certain files.

e.g. particle.txd

You need TXD tool to open the file and edit it. Then, find files you would like to mod e.g. blood. Find "bloodsplat64" and change the texture to custom one. Then change the file's alpha to appropriate custom one ("bloodsplat64a"). Alpha is some kind of texture filter. So that means that you need new blood texture (colour only) and blood alpha (texture's shape) and when you replace these with the custom ones, you should get a prewiew of blood splats. Save your project and it should work ingame.

I don't know for others because I only tried modding .txd files when I wanted to make a large particle file with all the best textures and alphas.

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