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Idea for a Mod...

Jack Spade

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I think it would be awesome if there was a mod to put the General Lee car in the game--and skins for Bo and Luke Duke. And a new weapon with it--their Bow with exploding fire arrows--when they hit, Napalm or some crud like that kinda spills out everywhere.

either the Old Dukes of Hazard stuff, or the new stuff--doesn't matter...just the car and the bow would be friggen sweet!

Just a thought--I would like to see it, if only i could do it.

Jack Spade

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i have the general lee dodge charger!!!

here u have...

a pic for replace sabre or sabre turbo's skin...

just save it as a bitmap image... and use viceTXD

there put file/open and open the gta vc/models/gta3.img...

look for the sabre and put replace... only the bitmap file... on the alpha put cancel...

thats it...

now u have the general lee dodge charger on ur gta vc

p.d: i hate it... i have the GTA Tuning Mod by Chymo :gappy:


and in gtavc/data/carcols.dat find the line "sabre" or "sabretur" and put this:

sabretur, 61,39

thats all...

now u have ur orange general lee car... :rolleyes:


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