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  1. -=Jossse=-

    Fatboy Slim

    omg... ok... first im 15 years old and im living the best of my life... so... F U C K Y O U ok? live ur life...
  2. -=Jossse=-

    Mod problem

    get some chick... and u will forgot all gta i promise... just get a girl.. ok?
  3. -=Jossse=-

    Fatboy Slim

    its not ur business go get a girl nerds im not the loser that stay all the day in the computer and has 2000 posts
  4. -=Jossse=-

    Fatboy Slim

    HEY! vote suckerzz
  5. -=Jossse=-

    HEEEELP! :(

    happy new year...? omg
  6. -=Jossse=-

    Fatboy Slim

    wrong answer... lol
  7. -=Jossse=-

    Fatboy Slim

    oh... and if u dont know him... here u can listen to his music: www.fatboyslim.net i recommend it... i really like his music...
  8. -=Jossse=-

    Fatboy Slim

    hell yeah!! c'mon!! he's the one!!! ok ok... thats my opinion... tell us what do you think about him and his music! here u have a wallpaper made by me enjoy!
  9. -=Jossse=-

    Vice City Disappointment

    loool thatz right
  10. -=Jossse=-

    Who is your most hated person in GTA Vice city: ?

    auntie poulet sucks!!
  11. -=Jossse=-

    any secret areas in this game?

    there r many secret areas...
  12. -=Jossse=-

    Mod Problem

    thatz right... looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool see if u can help me: HEEEEEEEELP!!!
  13. -=Jossse=-

    HEEEELP! :(

    and... if this thing is in handling.cfg... ok but can someone tell me how can i change it? i mean... which r the flags or number to put hydraulics?? look... i puted what careca said... this flag code: 24b0008 on my infernus... and... loooooooooooooool my infernus appeard whitout wheels and when i was close to it... i fly over the air!! and i fakin killed myself!! WTF so... if a silly code can change that poo... IT CAN PUT HYDRAULICS! so anybody knows what r those silly numbers?? seven numbers! only that!!
  14. -=Jossse=-


    easy: search them on google
  15. -=Jossse=-

    Mod Problem

    ya... and cheap mods sucks... like silly cars and that stuff... lol