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Technical Problems

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:bashhead: I have some problems with the game, when I open the game run in a normal way but everytime I reload a game first the mouse don't respond and if I push "Esc" to go to menu the game crash and I have to shut it down. Someone can help to resolve this problem? Actually I can't reinstall the game because I lend it. :bashhead:

P.D. Sorry about my bad english...

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I had the same irritating problem. I think it's the no-splash (screen) mod causing it, it started when I used it, and reinstall didn't help. Do you have the same mod?

Yeah, the same mod. Someone in other forums tell me that it is because some .dll files are broken or have been erased but I don't know which files did he make reference so I've been trying to replace some files of the game but it dont work well. Other people say it because some .dll files of Windows (not of the game) can't be load. Really I dont know What to do. One of my solution was install the game in other computer and just copy the save files. It works well! :yup: , but my other computer is very slowly. :nope:

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