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Hey I just downloaded the GTA Mod Installer v5.0 beta, and it all works fine - except one thing.

I load up a vehicle, get it to replace another, then it asks me if i want to name it so it's custom name appears when u get into the car. I change it to the car's name, but when I load GTA3 up, all the menu writing is changed so it's all weird - everything except the changed car name has a random name ending in 'missing' - even the radio stations!!

Can someone please help me with this?


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hey, i got exact same problem, its because GMI makes a new .GXT file, so it replaces the .GXT that u selected, so the only line is the name of the car u changed, it must be internal of the GMI, so i dont know any possible fix...sorry...but i got a possible option to change the name whit any .GXT (text editor) for GTA3, srry if its little, but im not an expert, but good luck

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