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Game Intro

The online game 'SilkRoad' targets the unceasingly active world other than the existing online games which the has built the entrenched world. On the specious Silk Road, the merchants constantly moves for trading and burglars who intend to strip them of goods. In addition, there are hunters who specialize in removing such burglars. On the Silk Road which seems to be static, the hostility and secret strife in which various groups continuously engage for the benefit of their own groups inform the Silk Road world with new life.

Besides, there is no fixed job in the SilkRoad world. All players can freely promote the growth of their own characters by their wills, and change his/her own group to other groups like merchant, burglar and hunter which he/she affiliated with as well as alter his/her character.

The player is to have an experience of ultimately free world with setting up not fixed, organically changed world.

The server system processed in the parallel decentralization can simultaneously accommodate a large group of users without fail and offer the more fresh game by virtue of minimized loading time. Moreover, realizing the more natural character's movement through the motion blending and dynamic animation technique provides the players with the improved oneness with the character.

Now, the road to SilkRoad is open to you.It is entirely up to you whether you will earn much money in the trade, become one wolf which pounds the extensive and outlawry continent or play an active part of guardian who protects the peace of SilkRoad.

Game Backround



The world of SilkRoad is largely divided into 2 regions. One is the world on the basis of actuality and history of Chan'an, Tunhuang, Hotan, Teheran, Baghdad and Constantinople which were the major trading pathway crossing from east to west, and the other is the fantasy world from Takla Makan to Hotan, Gollyun Mountain, Himalayas and Cheonchukguk (India) which lie south and north.

Both themes cross over east-west and south-north and have been completed into the fantasy SilkRoad world with coexistence of actuality and fantasy.

1. Journey to the Oriental culture

The journey to the Oriental fantasy world hard to be selected in the existing on-line fantasy games becomes practicable. Welcome to the journey to the genuine Oriental fantasy world created from mysterious Chinese ancient fables, or thoughts like Taoism and Buddhism.

2. Mysterious and fantastic adventure world

It is nothing more pleasant than the journey to the friendly adventure world contacted through the books or literatures. You can make a adventure travel in prospect of a get-rich-quick as a treasure hunter who explores various adventurous places come on the world famous literatures like Arabian Night's Entertainment.

3. Gods' world

The question about gods has been one of the eternal assignments since now. From the past, the gods have been the object of not only awe but also challenge. Would you become the scholar who tries to find the traces of gods located all over the world and be anguished with the relation between gods and human?

From Silkroadonline.net^


Weapon Mastery

There are 3 weapon masterys avalible in the game.




The Blade and Glaive are made for PURE STR (Strengh) They don't do the most damage, but they do alot. Very high health. Made for Tanking.

The Sword and Spear are made for either FULL INT (Mana) or Hybrid INT ( Mostly mana but some STR). They do the most damage with Nukes. ( SEE THE NUKES SECTION.)

Bow is universal. It is powerful in both feilds. Hybrids are not good on archers.

Force Mastery

There are 4 force masterys.

Cold(Ice)- The weakest of the forces, but delivers a cold bite when hit. May freeze them for a certain amount of time.

Lightning- Very good damage and skills. Can slow enemy down when they are Electrecuted state.

Fire- Strongest out of the Forces. Deliverds feirce damage and adds more by burning the enemy.

Force- Very usless. Deals with self healing and healing others.



What are nukes?

When you hit level 30 you can get nukes. They are made for Hybrid INT or Full INT. Delivers A lot of magical damage. Can attack from a far distance.

What kind of nukes are there?

There are diffrent nukes for the3 main masteries. Cold,Light and fire.

Mastery Levels

You can level up every mastey skill to a certain level. But heres the deal. You cannot have everything. You can only have 300 mastery levels. Meaning that every time you add or level up a skill your mastery level goes up. When you max out you cannot add another.

My Recomendations

I reconmend that you stick with 1 weapon masterys and 2 force masteries. But have one of the two your main. If i have fire and lighting my fire will only have the imbue. Not my lighting.

By: Steven^

Triangual Conflict

There are 3 jobs that are derived from caravan in Silkroad. Every job has its own attractions and advantages, and users can freely choose to be either merchant, hunter, or thief.

The jobs you can choose in triangular conflict are as follow :

Merchant, gaining profits from caravan, Hunter, killing thieves and protecting merchants, Thief, stealing from merchants



Merchants play the center role in caravan, they circulate goods, and can make employments through contracts with hunters.


Protecting players and justice from all sorts of criminals that bring chaos to game order.


Not aware of other people, they are used to committing evil deeds, they try to make easy money by selling goods they steal from merchants.


When the character’s level is higher than 20, go to the merchant guild and purchase job item, and equip it.


Purchase of transports

Transports can be bought at stable.

Purchase of special goods

Special goods can be bought at trade shops of every town, and can be saved in the transports’ inventory.

Selling of special goods

Selling of special goods at other towns will make profit and the caravan will end.

* When transports are bought by merchants, portals and dimensional gates cannot be used.


When the character’s level is higher than 20, go to the hunter guild and purchase job item, and equip it.


Protection of groups of merchants

Hunters protect the merchants(party) from thieves by killing them, and they can kill opponent thieves at anytime on the field.

Arrestment of wanted thieves

unters can arrest thieves under wanted status and gain reward even when the theif job is not activated.


When the character’s level is higher than 20, go to the thief guild(through Gisaeng Yumi) and purchase job item, and equip it.


Raid of merchant, hunter, and transports

Thieves can kill users on field that are in merchant and hunter status, and also kill transports.

Robbery of special goods

Can rob special goods by raiding merchants’ transports. Robbed special goods are sold at thief town as stolen goods. Transport is needed to take robbed special goods to thief town.

Returning to thief town

Thief can return to thief town by using thief town return scroll, and can also return to thief town through the NPC Gisaeng Yumi at Jangan Barroom street.

* When returning through Yumi, you must not have any transports.

Growth of Theif

Thieves in Silkroad can raise their thief level by gaining experience received from attacking merchants, transports, and hunters. When thief level is increased, attacks done to merchants, transports, and hunters become stronger. Thief levels are categorized into 7 grades.

Wanted Theif

When thieves steal goods, or kill merchants, transports, and hunters, thief penalty point TPP(Thief Penalty Point) is accumulated. When TPP goes over 3000, a thief turns into wanted status.

A wanted icon appears next to the character ID when a thief turns into wanted status, and even when job is not activated thieves can be killed by hunters. When TPP is over 3000, players cannot become hunters or merchants.


When thieves are caught by hunters under wanted status, they receive wanted penalty and cannot play any jobs.

To remove the wanted penalty, thieves must pay penalties to hunter guild NPC located in every town, and a set period of time must pass in order to play a job again.

Hope you Play this awesome game. Im on the Venice Server level 33.

Best of all.. ITS FREE

Download Page- http://www.silkroadonline.net/dataroom/download.asp

Website- Silkroadonline.net

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