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"Hidden" Stats (from american.gxt)

The following stats I found were in the american.gxt file. I found these when people were asking if my PHP Stats was a complete, comprehensive list. Of course I wanted to be sure, so i checked through the gxt file and I managed to find all these which for some reason we aren't shown (some of them are from features taken out, such as Drugs and Rampages).
These are the stats we never get to see.

Lightest weight
Time spent shopping
Time spent gambling
Time spent on longest mission
Time spent on quickest mission
Average mission time
Drugs budget
Time spent underwater
Total number of missions in game
Rampages Attempted
Rampages Passed
Number of cars stolen
Number of girls dumped
No more hurricanes
Number of safes cracked
Burgular status
Number of eight balls in pool
Total number of wins playing pool
Total number of losses playing pool
Body type
Money made in Quarry
Number of furniture purchased
Favorite console game
Highest civilian peds killed on Rampage
Highest police peds killed on Rampage
Highest civilian vehicles destroyed on Rampage
Highest police vehicles destroyed on Rampage
Highest number of tanks destroyed on Rampage
Amount of drugs sold
Amount of drugs bought
Game gore rating
Game sex rating
Hidden Packages found

Oh and one other thing I found, the following option was supposed to be at the bottom of the pause menu:

Go Online

Judge for yourself what you think of all these stats, maybe features like Drugs can be made available through hacking the .scm file. the Hot Coffee mod is a good example of this, you could probably have also achieved the "sex rating" stat had this feature been left in the game.