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A History of Changes to SA PHP Stats

The following is a list of information on what has been changed in the San Andreas PHP Stats uploader.

Future versions will include the following added statistics:
% of distance travelled for each transport method
Bigger distances converted from Feet/Metres to Miles/KM

13th February 06
vifor has provided a Romanian translation.

30th September 05
pucas has made a Spanish translation. You can also now upload your stats.html file in the Spanish language.
I myself have managed to make the Italian translation by comparing values in the stats html file and the .gxt files. So now you can also upload your Italian stats.html file.

16th September 05
TeleDu has made a Lithuanian translation.

16th August 05 - Version 1.8
Number formatting for monetary values has been implemented, the thousands separator and decimal characters are the same as the country's language you are viewing. For example English has a ',' separating thousands whilst French use a blank space etc.
The percentage of wanted stars evaded has now been added.

3rd August 05
icey has made a Dutch translation.

31st July 05 - Version 1.7
The users list has been changed to save resources. Showing a list of over 2000 users on one page was a bit much so it's now split into pages, or you can view users by letter. chorijan has made a Croatian translation.

25th July 05
Onanist has made a Polish translation. The right-to-left text direction on Hebrew language pages will be fixed soon hopefully.

10th July 05
Roki has made a Hebrew translation. Since Hebrew is read from right to left it has caused the page to become slightly messy, we're currently working on a way to display it correctly.

8th July 05
Drakula has made a Ukrainian translation.

6th July 05 - Version 1.6
We now use cookies to keep you logged in and enable you to have a much quicker, easier way to update your stats.
We have some new translations! Uni has made a Portuguese translation, DevilHunter then translated this to Brazilian Portuguese. Furism has helped with making a French translation.

Note about the French translation: After Furism translated the file I looked in the french.gxt file to find what Rockstar had put so I could enable people to upload French stats.html files, I have replaced Furism's with Rockstar's French and Furism says that the language is full of grammatical and typograhical errors, and that some of the language is deprecated. So Rockstar's French linguist if you're reading you need to brush up on your skills ;). Oh and Furism has notified me of all 13 errors by Rockstar so I'll be updating the French language file soon ;).

27th June 05 - Version 1.5
After a massive amount of code changing I've managed to make this stats uploader utilise language files as requested by many users. A massive thanks goes out to mokke who has translated the English file into German, as well as this you can now upload a German stats file, as long as you choose German from the language selecter, you'll be able to quickly switch between languages when viewing your stats.
Other possible languages for the stats file are French, Italian and Spanish. So if you're a native speaker of one of these languages feel free to email me and let me know which language you don't mind translating into.
- Added percentage bars for tags sprayed, oysters, horsehoes, snapshots, unique jumps done and found, bullet hit rate, mission success rate.

21st June 05 - Version 1.1.2
- If you registered before version 1.1.0 you won't have got a chance to choose a password for updating your stats, you can use this form to create a password for your account. It will attempt to find and account with no password from your IP address, if your IP has changed then feel free to contact us and we will manually remove your account so you can start again.
- Fixed bug where weapon skills levels were wrong. Please re-upload your stats if this happened to you. Thanks to all the people who contacted me about this one.

20th June 05 - 1.1.0
- Added ability to update stats

19th June 05 - 1.0.1
- Added "Hidden" Stats page for people interested in the stats we aren't shown
- Added password for future versions when user wants to update their stats
- Fixed a small error where it is supposed to say your "Time On Jetpack" in hours and minutes, not minutes and seconds (thanks arehei and blah)

18th June 05 - 1.0 (First public release)
Many bugs fixed from beta versions, including the following:
- Security: Fixed bug where if file was not stats.html it would still be uploaded on to the server
- Made search case sensitive to avoid collecting incorrect data from stats file
- Added check to avoid overwriting someone's stats with the same username
- Added check to make sure user enters a username
- Added check to make sure stats file is from San Andreas and not Vice City