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  1. thx guys, Well I just used photoshop for everything. I wanted to add animation and I couldnt think of anything else....
  2. heres my latest sig to my collection what do ya think?
  3. sounds more like your trying to get him to ask ya back...
  4. hey [censored] it IS gay... Biggy: Again, stop flaming. kkeep your gay opinions to yourself! its just the new 2005 mustang...welcome dude
  5. yep...I left theGTAplace for a week and came back and he had like 5000+ posts...
  6. arg, a shop on the old forums turned it into like the GTA Spam Capital of the internet. Like pyro lol....It ruined the boards
  7. yo I like that little skin chooser thing up top. Helps me out a lot because im usally to lazy to go to my controls
  8. well, this still sux. I was just getting my post count up
  9. Well morpheus..at least he is trying to progress...not just using a name from a movie
  10. sounds like it to me. Theres so much more proof about SA that its like so odveice....I still cant stand some of the kids in my school that say "I saw the commercial for GTA: Las Vegas" and when I go threw the whole thing they still dont believe me so...
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