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  1. dude this topic hasn't been replied to in literally 11 months. seriously, what the f?
  2. dude I've beaten you in more than one argument before.
  3. oh, i didnt see this topic. I'm the hottest. period wow these forums are still active, simply amazing k bye p..s the pic you have of me sucks you bastards! you should have the other one of me with that mask thingy on, cause you cant see my face on that one.
  4. I'm the hottest. Period wow these forums are still active, simply amazing. k bye.
  5. kick ass video. I really like the part where you catch the bike as its falling off the landing pand on the Hyman Condo. : ) cool song too.
  6. I preordered it sometime back in May C_N is it coming out on the 25th??
  7. dude no one gives a ----- about posts, stfu
  8. my dad said hed take me to gamestop at 12AM to get it and i can stay home from school that day w00t
  9. i probably wont be coming here much, every now and then. I'm also on gta-warehouse too now.
  10. ill be getting mine midnight october 26th staying home from school too.
  11. yeah i have it, ive been at these forums for over a year.
  12. where the ----- did all my money go?? i wanna buy a spaz shotgun and i have fuckin -85 dollars
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