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  1. or u could stick sombody in the boot and drive it into a gas station and just before jump out
  2. what if we had petrol in the cars so if we took one and the police was after us we would run out wen u got into a car u would have a little thing on the right hand side ov the screen tellin us how much we had left what do u think YES OR NO
  3. i dont think it should be added again and mornin peeps
  4. i dont know peeps whats done is done lets have a cup ov tea
  5. they talk about this with most ov rocks games but they dont get enywere until somthin bad happens they should all just shut up
  6. we will get a lot more ov this before the game comes out and after there allways doing this
  7. thank u cloud thats my point people r sayin that on the game there r the same car all the time but thats what happens in real life
  8. what do they need to fix u say u seen the sam car but in different coloures so r u sayin u dont see two or three escorts the same wen u go out
  9. im not bing funny but if u walk up a street how meny cars do u see that looks the same what do u want every car to look different
  10. i think we have all seen the same car before like two escorts or 4 jeeps on r streets
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