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  1. Dmac

    Alive Check

    Been over a year since this post. Just checking into to say I am still kicking Created a Discord for us old timers if anyone is interested: link!
  2. Dmac

    Alive Check

    No , unfortunately. How about yourself? Although dead, the I find the forums fun to look back on. I'm sure I'm not the only one who comes back for a little hit of nostalgia! And that's exactly why I came back. I also wanted to see what everyone else is up to these days. Glad to see you're still alive! I think of TGTAP sometimes, too. A lot of us basically grew up here. Fun times indeed.
  3. Who else has watched the series? Absolutely amazing and I can't wait for official confirmation of another season
  4. Alive check It would seriously be awesome if we had a catch up thread with the old gang but I can imagine it would be hard to get everyone back
  5. My car, '99 Holden VT Commodore. Has 195xxx k's on the clock which is pretty decent for a Commodore and a car of it's age. Haven't done that many mods apart from the headlights and stereo. Majority of the work has been mechanical (most caused by human error, eg me running the car too low and frying the fuel pump) But yeah apart from that, great daily driver.
  6. Any other fellow Australians bracing for the upcoming heatwave? In some parts of the country it's supposed to be 5 days straight of above 40°C (104ºF) and it's hitting a max of 46°C - 47°C (116.6ºF) in some places. Residents in rural Victoria are being warned to prepair themselves for bush fires. Tommorow where I live it's getting to 41°C (105.8ºF) although I've heard it could get hotter. And yes, I even converted this for the people using fahrenheit EDIT: Can a mod change the topic to 2013? I'm still in 2012 mode!
  7. Keep in mind I am not directly connected to the modem. I am using a wireless USB adapter. Probably be faster if I ran the test on the Computer directly connected to the modem. The fact I am using USB adapter and not a PCIE wireless card probably has a negetive affect on my speeds. Bought a new modem last week which has improved my speeds. Can't wait until the NBN comes to my area. Say's it's in planning stages. Edit: Looking back on previous results it seems my internet with iiNet is better than when I was with Telstra. Although the Telstra results were down back in 2007 (see post here)
  8. A whole underwater world to explore? Christ, this is going to be HUGE!
  9. Dmac

    Windows 8

    So what are your thoughts on Windows 8? Will you eventually "upgrade" or have you already done so? For now, I am sticking to Windows 7. It's my favourite Windows OS to date (followed by good old XP) and I have no plans of ditching it as of yet. I personally feel they've stripped everything that once made Windows, Windows! What is your opinion on it?
  10. Dmac

    Pre Order

    I'll just go into a random store (Big W, Target, K-Mart etc) and grab it from one of them on the day.
  11. Loved the forklift replacement for the convertable
  12. Hopefully we'll see more of the other characters!
  13. Not sure about you guys, but I never pre-order my game. I just go into a random retail store (not a video games store) and grab a copy. They always have it.
  14. I made a few a while ago and I've seen seen them floating around a bit as a few people have used them which is great! Well, I got a little bored and whipped up a few more using the new screenshots. Feel free to use them!
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