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  1. Ow, and people trying to capture you with their mobile's and later seeing it on a news report, that would be awesome.

    Yaa bro !! tht wud be preety cool!!!

    And about the replay on TV's cant dey juss store parts of the video on the HDD and then aftr the incident(30-40min) juss delete the file !!

  2. or you can shoot out the CCTV beforehand.....which might be difficult if it's inside in a public area (can't make it too easy!)

    Shooting the cameras maybe the best option while robbing a bank!!

    but if ur robbing a secured area or house and u want make it stealty maybe u can loop the videos or cut of the power supply or sumthng!!

  3. Well as mentioned by jace the game iz mostly gonna be after 2002...so the possibilty is nt much

    Also juss placin it in NY is causin all countroversy and sh*t....adding the twin tower may cause who noes wat other thngs!!

    And even if there are the twin towers i dont think tht Rockstar will destroy it.....I mean there are numorus people related to the victims involed in tht incident.....and i think it pretty harsh reminding them of wat hppnd and making thm do the same thng virtually!!

  4. well from wat i have read thr are the following possibilities!!

    1.this guy has a great imagination and he was juss lucky in guessin the city.....and aftr tht he has strted writin loads of bullsh**

    2.Rockstar themslves have givin info bout the game for media hype!!

    3.he's actually a rockstar employee who has leaked out info bout the game....then rockstar guyz got hold of him beat the hell outta him....den to cover the leak they have said tht it was info actually given out by rockstar

    Newayz if it iz the 2nd or 3rd case den maybe wats givin in the letters about the sniper and the police and all is some kind of clues about the story of the game....like it iz possible tht the russian mafia trying to gt hold of tht guy and he has shifted to NYC but now the NY cops want to get hold of him and stuff!!

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