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  1. I know all this now guy........, what with reserves and what not. I've delved off into ebay a lot since I posted that first piece. The only reason I haven't put it on ebay now is because I don't have a credit card and I've been waiting for me cousin to put it on for me. He is a ladies man. I guess getting ass is more important than helping his cousin with something that only take like 10 minutes, if that. Well, I'm gonna go get a pre-paid credit card today and see what I can do. I'm gonna try and put some things on ebay tonight actually. I have an ebay account and a paypal account now too. So, thanks for your input, oh and $500 is not that much for a guitar, actually that is pretty fuckin cheap. I'm looking for a Gibson Les Paul and those things can go for as much as $1,500 and UP, new. I've actually seen a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Limited Edition for $30,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO, that isn't a typo! Then again, Gibson is the best brand in the world. With them you buy straight quality. Made in America, by actual people, not machines, well kinda. For the most part they are hand made. Here is a vid about Gibson and how they are made, interesting stuff. I'm a southern boy and Nashville is right next door so, real close to home. Anyways, wish me luck, I'll have some cool shit on ebay soon so check it out. Search for my account, worldsworstguitarist.

    P.S. Anyone wanna buy a closet full of old memorabilia?..... lol

  2. To be honest, If I couldn't sell GTA merchandise on a GTA site, then I don't think you'll be able to sell a guitar here, but good luck.

    Thanks,............. I guess.

    Ok, well I've made the decision to drop on the price, I'll take $500.

  3. If the current exchange rate is what it is, then it would cost Dirty Harry 443.061 EUR if he decides to buy it. If it was United Kingdom Pounds (£) then it would be 351.099 GBP or half price practically.

    List of prices in different currencies:

    Great British Pound - 351.099

    Euro - 443.061

    Australian Dollar - 729.650

    Canadian Dollar - 713.999

    Swiss Franc - 713.015

    Indian Rupees - 30,364.86

    Japanese Yen - 74,174.62

    Denmark Kroner - 3,302.70

    Those are just the price you may expect to pay if you decide to buy fatalgamer's guitar.

    Thanks for clarifying that Thomas.

  4. Okay thanks. Seems like a fair price I think.

    Wouldn't that be around 400 Euros? It seems like a very good deal since both of you get a good deal.

    I'm not exactly sure of the exchange rate, but if I sell it to someone in Europe through Ebay, I'm sure they would fix things up so they would work. I will, if I find a buyer who's not local, use Ebay to make the exchange. I just don't wanna sell through Ebay and just through caution to the wind and take a chance of not getting what I want for it. $200 for a $800 guitar, that doesn't seem very fair.

    P.S. Thanks Chris.

  5. Okay thanks. Seems like a fair price I think.

    You wanna buy it? Hit me up in a Private Message and I'll give you some info.

    OH sorry Chris I didn't realize. Sorry again, I did mention that I didn't know that in my first post. About Ebay, I checked on Ebay to see how those kinds of guitars were doing and the best they were doin was like $450 I'm not selling this thing for any less than $650, It's brand new for christ sake. Trust me, I'm not gonna rip anyone off. Nobody here did anything to me to make me wanna rip em' off. I was hoping that a buy would come forth and then we could make an arrangement on Ebay, like I said in my first post.

  6. Hey guys and gals. I don't know if I can even do this or if I can, is it in the right section. Bottom line, I'm trying to sell my guitar. I just bought it a few days ago, its brand new with the tags everything still on it. Not a single scratch dent or scuff. Great guitar, but I bought it without even having played it. There isn't anything wrong with it AT ALL, it just doesn't feel right to me, I have very picky taste when it comes to the feel of a guitar. It has a great sound, real smooth and milky and clear. It is pretty similar to the guitars that Herman Li of Dragonforce and Joe Satriani play. Great ZR Tremolo bridge with a Locking nut, meaning you can wammy all you want and it won't go out of tune, unlike a Floyd Rose. It has Fine tuners to make sure you get that perfect sound. Its a great guitar, its just not my style. I paid almost $800 but I will sell it for $700 maybe a bit less. If any one is interested, please let me know. Maybe we can get something going through Ebay, like I would set a Buy-now option at whatever and you can just buy it outright, no shipping charge. Again, please tell me if you are interested, I would love to sell you this guitar a soon as possible. One of the best guitars out there for the price, very well build and this model is prided for its high value and duribilty

    Reviews of this guitar:


    P.S. If you'll notice on this site the price is $649.99

    but when you calculate in tax and shipping and what not, it totals out at well over $700.00


    -Maple Wizard II neck

    -Mahogany body w/quilted maple top

    -22 jumbo frets

    -Bound rosewood fingerboard

    -Zero Point tremolo

    -Humbucker/Singlecoil/Humbucker Powersound pickup configuration

    -INF1, INFS1, INF2 pickups

    -Pearl Metallic dots inlay

  7. Damn, I wonder if there is any of these things for Aus? :rolleyes:

    Not sure I think it's world wide. Only on way to find out though, Try it out man.

    Can you clarify something for me... I've seen loads of these before but I've forgotten something.

    You need to get 8 people to sign up and complete 1 offer to complete an offer yourself... surely then it's impossible to complete an offer, it just spreads across more people?

    You do your own offer, when they do an offer its counted as a referral to you. You need 13 (or what ever amount, depending on the package you choose) referrals and one offer, done by you, to get the PS3. Understand? It's not really that hard, you just gotta get people to do it, thats the toughest part cause they don't believe that it works.

    Here is a link to my tutorial video:


  8. This shit isn't fake which is awesome. I signed up but I'm not buying anything.

    Like I said do the offer for the 5 free stamps, it is a 4 week trial, cancel AFTER 3 weeks pass and you pay nothing. Also you need either a credit or debit card. Get 13 more people to do the same using your URL and thats it. Some trails are really free but you have to pay shipping and handling for some, but it's like $6 to $9, then you have to cancel them otherwise they'll assume you like the product send you more and charge you an ass load of money.

    P.S. Thank you for registering. It is greatly appreciated, hope you get a free PS3.

  9. Tis' real and no fake. In fact I woulda done it ages ago if it weren't for my stupid mother (I love you really :D) and getting 10 people to do the same thing is HARD!

    Yeah you just sign up for expensive adverts and decline them once you've got what you wanted. The guys recive money for advertising and can afford to give you a PS3! As well as the fact that some offers give you free trials to things you may want.

    I always wondering weather changing IP and cleaning cookies would work. If so, i'll tell you all how to do it :D. lol

    It's even been on newsnight and was prooven to work!

    The moral of the story: ADVERTISIN IS EXPENSIVE! lol

    Your exactly right! They get bounties for advertising, which is enough money to pay their wages and give you your free stuff. Fortunately for them no one believes this stuff works, otherwise they would not be getting enough money. It's much easier to advert this way then building huge expensive billboards or making bid budget commercials.

    So far I've got 6 people that have added themselves to my potential referal list and all they need to do is do one offer. Then I gotta get 7 more. I'm really excited, if it was any of you guys thanks once again and hope you do an offer soon. Remember to do the one with the stamps, it's the easiest. It's a 4 week trial, and you need to stay a trial member for just 3 weeks then you can cancel and get your credit, free of charge. Also if you created an account, I wish you the best of luck in getting your PS3 also. I hope more of you register and refer soon. I'll keep you updated.

  10. I've seen this before but yeah like everyone else I'm still suspicious. I dunno why, but I'll have to wait until other members do it.

    Well I'll do what I can for now, and when it works, you'll see.

    P.S. For the first 13 people to go to that link, make an account and use an offer, I highly recommend the stamp offer, I will refer you all one time, no questions asked. When you go to someone's URL and register that gives them a potential referal, and when you use an offer they get the referal towards their free item. You'll be getting people to do the same thing for you. Get them to go to the URL, sign up and use an offer. I'm putting in the most simple terms I can, I hope that cleared it up for you all incase you didn't understand before. Just trying to spread the love.

  11. I'm working on getting a PS3 right now infact, but the thing is everyone says that they'll wait to see someone get one when I actually need people to participate if I'm gonna show you more proof. I've got a few people interested, I'll keep rallying people up.

  12. A free PS3, yeah that's right its all free. I couldn't believe it and I'm one of the biggest skeptics in the world. Now I believe.

    Just go to: http://www.YourPS34free.com/index.php?ref=5053929

    Pick your package, register at the site make a referal account. All you gotta do is one single offer. Do the one for the stamps, it's the easiest, the credit reports are mazes. Then get the required amount of people to do the same with the URL given on your Progress page. That's it! You will get a free PS3 via mail. It's crazy! Enjoy. After all who doesn't want free shit!!!!??

    P.S. I promise you its real this is not an add or a robot, it's really fatalgamer and MF2 Mindfreak is my gamertag.

    Need proof here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEeYGLBSbi4

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