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    GTA 3 Zombie MOD Interest

    Hey, people?! Does anyone know what happened to Maria Latore after the credits? I just finished the last mission ("The Exchange") in gta 3 for iOS, and I'm dying in suspense to what happened. Did one of the cartels survive and kill her? I do NOT think that she killed herself nor do I think she would have killed Claude B'cus she wouldn't shut up about how much she loved him, which may mean that Claude might have shot her. But could Catalina have killed her? Some one who has finished the main storyline like I please tell me!!!!!
  2. LibertyVonApocalypse50

    GTA 3 Zombie MOD Interest

    Does this mod still exist?! If it does, I have a few questions about it! If not, DONNOT bother to respond to my questions. I like everything I hear about this mod (so far). But could I still get a wanted level?! I would enjoy being pursued by the army and law enforcement while at the same time, some soldiers and cops are shooting at zombies and getting their heads chewed off! My final question is: Which device is this mod for?! iOS, psp, xBox, etc?!