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  1. Drome

    New GTA IV Details from PLAY

    Multiplayer....ahhhhh As long as they have Deathmatch, it will be gr8! Still no news on swimming yet though... it would be reatarded if Niko drowns in knee deep water, or can't go below the surface
  2. Drome

    Some GTAIV Info from GamePro Germany

    Flat? FLAT? Does anyone know if you can actually BUY properties in the game? I hope you can.... Rockstar is holding out on us ...
  3. Drome

    A New Digital GTAIV Screenshot

    See those tall buildings in the distance? I really wanna push a ped off one of those, then zoom in with a camera and take a picture... Sorry, that was sadistic of me... Train looks nice too, I reckon the train in the trailer was in Portland. If thats the same one, now I'm not sure. Rockstar is holding out on us...
  4. Drome

    OPM Australia's GTAIV Preview

    Because I don't regulally leave my lounge, how do you hotwire a car? Also, is SAS actually confirmed? That would be so cool Its good a GTA character can scale objects now, it used to be frustrating getting stuck behind a chest high wall
  5. Drome

    Hardware Limitations and GTAIV

    Thanks man, guess that promise didn't last long Next time, I guess I should keep Quiet.... Sorry for wasting everyones time. Won't go off topic again....
  6. Drome

    Hardware Limitations and GTAIV

    Jesus, your right! Ive become what I hate...... Whoa.... I need to think about this.... p.s. I can only get 1 version of the game since all I own is a Ps3. p.p.s Why does everyone hate me...?....... LAST POST EVER...........
  7. Drome

    More Realistic

    I really, really, want to see sharks in this one! Instead of invisible walls stopping you from reaching the next island, how about evil, man eating fish instead? That would be cool........
  8. Drome

    Hardware Limitations and GTAIV

    Me not a True GTA Fan!???!!!!!!! I am trying to promote the ps3 version as it will mean that I have more people to murder!!!!! Please dont jump to any harsh conclusions, PLEEEEAAAAASE?
  9. Drome

    Hardware Limitations and GTAIV

    I wan't multiplayer! Kill everyone who owns a ps3 (online of course) Does anyone know if the graphics on the 360 will be affected by the consoles limitations? If so, its another thing to avoid in my eyes.... See you all online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ps3 owners only)
  10. Drome

    Hardware Limitations and GTAIV

    Can't wait till it comes out for ps3! I just hope people realise its goin to be great, no matter what it comes out on. Now...where to find £50.....
  11. Drome

    GameInformer Q&A - The Answers

    Dude, the games lookin great! One thing one my mind that still keeps buggin me, wonder if you/ Niko can swim. This better mean the return of the jetpack!