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    Well, I love GTA series it's simply the best and its my favorite type of game "Simulate all what can be simulated". I also love bike sports, gaming, internet, movies, music and good food. <br />See you around TGTAP.

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  1. Very hard to find, however you can accidentally locate it and during the day, but you don't have any inticators that time if you find it during the day it is an pure accident (of curse if you didn't found the map on internet).
  2. -he is listening what I'm listening -he has Mercedes(woman) around him -he owns huge villa on Starfish Island -he has a tank in garage -he is buying drugs for the most famous people in VC -jumps across the river
  3. You can speed-up any car even make Greenwood faster then Infernus. The beauty of 21. century allows to total n00bs in moding make awesome files. Link
  4. Maybe Huckleberry Pie! When I saw the title of the topic I thought that it will be animated movie. And I never saw those girls, except that black one.
  5. I can pass it for you but you what file is it GTASAsf1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8?
  6. I think that third trailer should show us some bigger features, cut scenes and missions. The intro and maybe ueing the soundtrack for the trailer music.
  7. Wow! I thought that I'm only one who will get the game for PC.
  8. Well I fallen and I can't get up. I edited the Handling.cfg file and I didn't created a backup. Can someone post a original Handling file.
  9. Say what do you think about stunts, editing and music.
  10. Mine is simple: Cro-I'm Croatian Scorpion-My horoscope sign (actually Scorpio)
  11. Yeah, very very funny. I also like that monkey&teacher thing.
  12. I definitely want to chose color on my vesicle and I want to change engine like in Greenwood put an engine of Infernus.
  13. Congrats to you guys! I hope you'll do excellent job.
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