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  1. I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but anyway, i found this topic on chanarchive.com, where the best threads on 4chan get stored.. http://chanarchive.org/4chan/v/5926/gta-sa-mods The posts are quite humorous actually. I dont agree with the guys who posted those, but they have interesting views of the mods on thegtaplace. Anyway, what do you guys think? I´m especially excited to hear what that Strawberry shortcake guy has to say ( sorry i dont remember your nick )
  2. It allows me to change to English, with the Finnish language already selected, but the text isnt finnish
  3. hi thanks for replyin i am new to all off this i download a car use the mod installer use the right car to replace in (dont no if that matters) it says the mod has bein installed load gta up load my game half way in crashs and in keeps doin it i have uninstalled everything and downloaded in again and the same thing

  4. Hey mate how you doing? :D

    Being a while since I last seen you active lol, that's because I'm working on my latest, biggest, ownage, pwnage, super-duper uber zooper story. :D

    And of course I didn't forget that story you told me[about CJ's garden, the crap and the OMGLOLWTF!]


  5. A new zippo maybe, cant think of anything else. MW2 would be cool too
  6. Im going to buy this comp:My link Is this any good and can it run cod waw
  7. I dont have iv on pc but usually its on program files/rockstargames
  8. Cool upgrades, but why my avatar aint showing in the upper left corner? And why is my post count much higher than before? Edit: It shows in my post but not in the upper left corner... Double ninja edit: I just realised this post had to be in the bug report topic...
  9. utorrent all the way. nice pr0n download speeds
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