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  1. hahahahhaha i hate this stupid guy Jack thompson.. i hope he gets his ass kicked..
  2. nice work.. from where did u get all those clips from?
  3. Source: http://www.progam3s.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=378
  4. i bought rough ryder condoms ..had a date :D
  5. i have a 65 GB of porn movie collection..
  6. i think thats not possible, its maybe a rumor from inside but thats freakin crazy dude..i just bought a DX10 Card...and daredevil to be honest i would say, wait for 1 more year and than get a graphic card..
  7. What the fuck..if this happens ..we all should SUE microsoft..
  8. there are so many people with this sig. (not at this site though) .we are members of that site and we were asked to put their link in sigs.
  9. Orignial Link: http://progam3s.com/games/gta4/xbox360/sho...news=value1news Credit: ProGam3s.Com I just wanted to listen to your thoughts, i don't think there's anything new in the preview but this single article contains all the details.
  10. First to post doesn't always mean first to find. Haven't we seen that shot before, though? No we haven't, the reason why I'm so late posting is because: I'm a dumbass. I'll explain... I subscribe to an RSS feed of Google News search for "grand theft auto" (link) And I did in fact read the NYTimes article when it was posted, (at the time of posting this the link to the NYTimes article is on page 3 of that google news link above.) I thought from the thumbnail it was just another trailer screen cap, only today when I saw other sites like GTA4.net had posted it that I realised it was indeed a new screen (I actually watched the trailer again to make sure, and we don't see the train from the angle shown in the screenshot, so it's definitely new. And I'm not sure, but I don't think it's been in any magazines yet either, I maybe wrong though. @ganich: I appreciate you posting in the GTAIV forum to inform our users about this, but as you now know, I had already seen the article, just wasn't aware the screen was new at the time (Plus, I was hardly expecting NYT to even have a digital screenshot, sites like IGN are usually the first with them assuming there's no "fansite exclusives" this time round). As you can see from many of the news posts you read on thegtaplace.com. I do give credit where credit is due - whether it be members of GTAF posting magazine scans, another website with an exclusive article, or whatever... hope that explains everything And it's a pretty menial thing anyway, not like it's an awesome high definition screen showing something we've never seen before. We all need to lighten up and sit tight for the next batch of info/screens! Thanks, i understand..peace
  11. well chris you would have atleast wrote thanks to ganich at the end as i was the first one to post this.
  12. Source : http://progam3s.com/showhead.php?subaction...news=value0news
  13. chris daughtry - home (Its a sad type of song) faith no more - midlife crisis lol or you may put Casino Royal soundtrack - You know my name
  14. Man it sounds soo cool but as XRzax said that it should also allow us to go back on the street and see the dead person. WOW that would be coollllllllll!
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