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  1. I have an idea - not sure it is possible. Why don't R* have a patch on release day that 'unlocks the game' but the actual disc is limited. That said, this game has been leaked far too much.
  2. I had some doubts about this game, they've just been cleared up. Love the customisation of cars and it looks like there's more choice for clothes. Missions look very good, with more autonomy. Investing in stocks is cool, and the tennis and golf games look good. Can't wait. Online Multiplayer is going to be crazy.
  3. VCS storyline was pretty good, but that graphics were awful for the PS2, it was just too bright and loading times were a pain. PSP was the best device to play it on.
  4. Red_91

    Parachutes in GTA V

    Parachutes are cool, but I think they guy in the screenshot is actually an NPC and not the protagonist, he looks too dark skinned, if we are going by that the Ned Luck character is the protagonist.
  5. I know what you are saying. But I don't think lack of mods is the reason for inactivity. It is easy on this forum to find good potential mods, for example I think you could be a mod on this forum.
  6. Moderators are not that hard to find and get. I mean I did have a long hiatus of this site because of Uni, but as soon as I heard gtav got announced, I was back here and there was a resurgence of activity when the first trailer came out but after that, nothing. Llama is right, most of us did grow and go to uni, but really I think banning members like OGTAM was counter productive, sure he probably made mistakes (dont know why he got banned), but he was active and a good member. Maybe we could advertise this site a little better. I mean other gta forums have less members, but are much more active that here.
  7. I get what you mean, but spam was never a big issue I think or shouldn't be an issue with the amount of moderators. I mean some topics in GTAV section haven't been replied to in weeks, gives the wrong impression to new members instantly.
  8. It surprised me as well, the level of inactivity. If I'm going to be honest, I've joined another GTA forum which is more active than this place. When the screenshots came out, I expected some more activity, but nothing really happened here.
  9. Trust me, the game is gonna be 10x better than IV. Ten times more hyped maybe... anyway that's not what I was implying. Nobody here except Victor_Vance recognized the Infernus from GTA IV. It even has the same low poly model from GTA IV for fuck's sake! Some genius even compared it to a Ferrari... wtf. It's based mainly off the Lamborghini Diablo. though it has influences from the first Lamborghini Murcielago (probably to make it look more modern) and Pagani Zonda C12 (the rear looks almost identhical, also the sound seems to be taken from a Zonda). That's one of IV's signature cars, you get one as a reward at some point and it's seen at least 10 times along the story. that's why it's evident nobody here played it. It looks identhical to the one from IV except for the rims. Anyway it looks like they are focusing too much on the enviornment and not enough on the vehicles and guns... those models are awful. Still, they changed a bit since the first trailer so who knows... People may not remember IV, I haven't played GTA in a good while. But its good what you picked up. I am awaiting some interior building screenshots, not enough emphasis on any of the GTAs on this part.
  10. Nice screenshots love the Lamborghini. I also love the truck that can hold cars, I don't think that type of vehicle has existed before in GTA?. The river screenshot looks too good tbh, I am curious if these screenshots are 720p, the standard for most games?
  11. Parkour style movement wouldn't be good for GTA, as not many people are that good at parkour and it's quite a difficult sport. Parkour works well for games like Assassins Creed purely because of the assassin theme and because of the games settings in the medieval and renaissance period. Animals would be good to have, I mean other games have them so GTA wouldn't be overstepping a boundary. I don't think kids are ever going to be in a GTA game, I read somewhere where the developers said it would never happen ever. I hope decisions are allowed to be made similar to gtaiv. They were good and made you feel apart of the storyline. What I want to see though is a big improvement on the weapons. It seems as though most GTAs stick with pretty much the same weapons. I mean if we have military jets maybe cluster bombs could be added or some other types of military missiles. Plus I'd like to see some antique guns in the game that could kind of be 'earned' through missions. Plus I would like to hold two different weapons of the same type as well. I would like rocket propelled grenades too. Plus if we have military aircraft, maybe we could have some anti aircraft misssiles and anti tank missiles. Plus the aiming system has to change, I mean automatic aim is not really necessary anymore because of multiplayer. I think the system of GTAIV should be incorporated where you could have manual and automatic aim. But automatic aim should be harded, much harder. I dont expect everything I want to be implemented, but GTAV will be a good game
  12. Nice screenshots, love the first and second one. Tennis mini game would be good, I expect pool, bowling to be returning and maybe basketball as well. Hoping the next thing they release is a screenshot of inside buildings. Looking forward to the next set of stuff
  13. Nice screenshots, not what I was expecting some of them look too similar to gta iv imo. I'm just glad the bicycle is back, I loved them in San Andreas. Hopefully care modifications and nitro can return. Looking forward to further screenshots. But considering how late they have released these and with no trailer up and coming, I think a 2013 release is looking more likely.
  14. Yeah I agree with most of what you said. Apart from AC, the games were actually did quite well, story wise especially, but releasing 4 games for 4 consecutive Autumns is milking it a little bit, and I thought that showed with some of the buildings in Revelations. I'm glad GTA is not like that, but doing one every 2 years would be better imo. Plus releasing GTA every year will damage it, tbf I think it's already getting a bit damaged since the last two games have timelines that will be post 2000, which is a bit of a disappointment. My dream of a 1970s GTA will probably never happen now.
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