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  1. I think if you mod v2 the game auto crashes.
  2. That is as strange as hell. Any other cheats with multiple combinations of activations. I don't use the app, as I rarely use cheats in GTA, but if you haven't already, you could list both combinations.
  3. Completely clear your system cache and delete GTA 5, then re-follow the steps as neccesary.
  4. I don't fault anyone for being upset about the heists situation. I feel the same. But what exactly is so bad about all the free DLC we've gotten so far? At least 99% of gamers feel almost all DLC that isn't free is a ripoff. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? Would you rather get nothing at all or would you rather pay $3.00 a pop for each of these packs? So? He still needs a hobby with which to put his time to better use. No one has said anything about the free DLC being bad in this thread, or talked about it, apart from you. Website developing/management/coding is a HOBBY, CAREER and a JOB in case you haven't realised In addition to this, programming related jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in the world, computer programming jobs are growing 2x the national average for America, by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computing jobs, and only 400,000 computer science students for America. (Source: code.org). Even if this was a teenager doing this, you can't criticise him, although Maveee probably isn't a teenager (GTA board, GTA is 18+, you'd be more likely to find teenagers on other boards, plus he's paying for a TLD) you can't discourage anyone doing anything like this, in particular the readers of the thread. The world is low on programmers, and anyone can start by doing something as small as this. Even so, as long as this person is having fun doing something legal and not evil (like killing people, in real life...), what right do you have to say "find a hobby" when all a hobby is "an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure." which this would clearly count for.
  5. Wow. This is seriously impressive. How did you film the first person view? I don't think I've seen such a view in GTA 5.
  6. Seriously though, Rockstar are taking way too long for the heists. I don't even play online and I recognise that. They've made over a billion (meaning they have waaay more than enough to hire 'extra' help), this was a feature announced in the GTA Online trailer which was supposed to be there on release for online (unless the trailer for online was vague, or lying). Plus, making a website like that takes only a few hours for an experience website maker, and this person has also added advertisements to his website.
  7. Last native speaker, Archie Thompson, died in 2013. 17 fluent L2 speakers (2013) language revival in progress (Wikipedia) says there are only 17 speakers of the language. Huge demand! But in all seriousness, the language is 'endangered' and you're one of the few on the Earth to be able to speak it. If you can speak it natively, you are an unknown world-record holder . Also, to develop/export to an Apple platform, you have to own an Apple platform, this is also true for iOS. There's no legal work around. But it's not just iOS that is a big market leader, you need your eyes on Android. Especially with all the mid-end budget phones releasing for the likes of £100-150 phones including the Moto G and Moto E. In terms of hardware, you can definitely get more RAM, (LG G3, 3gb ram, iPhone 5S 1gb ram). iPhone 5s only has a dual core 1.3ghz processor which is not as great compared to LG G3's 2.5 quad core CPU, hell even Moto G has a 1.2 ghz quad core CPU and that phone is in the £100-150 price range compared to a £500 price range. I don't think I need to say more; but simply, iPhones are not that big of a deal for me. They don't last anywhere near to where a 2014 Android mid-end+ phone would, ESPECIALLY with the community also releasing unofficial OS level (which work as good as would be if the manufacturer released it) updates, ROMs and keeping the device alive long after the manufacturers dumps the device.
  8. True that, I'm no really expert on what formats Xbox 360's supported.. as I'ma more of a steam pc, gamer. Just I prefer playing all Call of Duty's and GTA's on consoles, don't ask me why: I don't really know. Only tried GTA SA for pc, ran fine however never tried CoD or any other GTA on pc, saying that,but it can really run most games on the 'high' if not, medium settings at 30 fps+. One game I did enjoy playing on pc vs xbox 360 was Mafia II, fun.However saying this, I think MS really need to make the console's more stable with the issues I raised, as this is not Rockstar's fault, although they have to fix this, if it was an easy one.. believe me it would be out by now along with the GTA online update.
  9. You do realize that TGTAP has 49,418 members, with almost 390,000 posts with 470+ guests on at the moment right? TGTAP has recognition, it's just that the old timers (like myself) have been busy with life and other things for the past few years. Some will return, and some won't. I know about the history of the site, and the stats, I know it used to be big in the 'old days' well 'much bigger and more active' kind of. I meant the time period of today - these months+. Not earlier.
  10. Kind of, but not entirely. Disk two is not for anti-piracy, it's just xbox's limitations, each disk is limted to 8gb, and the data on the disk is more than this, however ps3 can have much more on each disk, just blu-ray vs hd dvd. And yes it is to stream of off - which is why I never installed it. Piracy will always be haunting game devs, especially as one as big as Rockstar, however they wouldn't do it for that, and I'm pretty sure the pirated edition would probably already be out for both - PS3 and Xbox's that have been hacked (but no online for you, suckers!) Either way, they will release the game on the XBL marketplace where it will be one gtav file, and that could easily be hacked (if it hasn't already) with the multiple tools that people can use these days. Also, there may be a freezing problem again for people trying to enter gta v online on the 360, but just again clear system cache 3 times, turn off - turn back on and repeat until it doesn't freeze when accessing the online character maker, it may take a maximum of 5 tries. Took me two tries. Cheerio!
  11. Try running in comparability mode. Perhaps that will work?
  12. This forum definitely deserves more recognition! Nowadays, there's often more than 10x guests than members (I used to be a hefty lurker). I think if The GTA Place did some giveaways, we could get some more sign ups, but a lot of them will leave after they have participated in the giveaway, and some won't. Either way it's a win-win, more members = more active for guest users = they'd sign up? (Hopefully). The give away could even be a copy(one or more) of GTA V, and I'm sure Chris can get a few copies from R* to give away, but obviously they'd be rules not to participate if you already have the game! Or, you could run some sort of referrals competition for like a month for signed up users, referrals software should be available for IP Board, basically whoever brings in the most members via social media, passing links i.e my ref link would be something like this: thegtaplace.com/forums/ref/m3shys and when signed up through that link, you'd get a referral, there also could be an IP checking automated system (preventing multiple sign ups per user). And if the user won, you'd contact them and ask them if they want the game (some people already have it, some people wont it for reasons unimaginable)
  13. Sounds like an awesome freaking trip! There is this guy called Olli43 who has also shared his experiences on youtube, he is a very funny British guy Link here! Let's hope it was you Chris (because it was some funny shiz done by that guy) ; as in one of the guys who he was talking about (in his online experience).
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