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  1. ***We proudly introduce our Xbox Series X|S RP Server, tailored for individuals seeking a family-oriented environment. Embark on your journey as a civilian, perhaps as a distinguished business magnate, a mastermind controlling the realm of crime, or even as a dedicated law enforcement officer who might tread the line between duty and temptation. The vast expanse of possibilities awaits your exploration, enabling you to shape and conquer your own world. Commended by recent appraisals, new entrants to our server seamlessly integrate into a community of kindred spirits, forming bonds that elevate the enjoyment of every interactive session. This solidarity enhances the immersive experience of every scenario! We continually seek to expand our roster, irrespective of the volume of participants already partaking in our HQ and Main Server. Our doors remain open, recognizing that not everyone has yet had the opportunity to join our ranks.*** __Features__ - A discord server that is always active and maintained. - A working, professional CAD/MDT. - Provided Training if needed - An online banking system. - etc. __Departments__ - Civilian Operations - San Andreas Highway Patrol - Los Santos Police Department - Blaine County Sheriff's Office - San Andreas Fire Department - San Andreas Courts - etc. *Should you aspire to become a citizen of San Andreas and inaugurate your fresh chapter, we invite you to follow the link provided below. Our diligent staff stands ready to respond promptly to your inquiries and initiation.* https://discord.gg/H7DbtQUkNs
  2. After seeing the 3 antagonists in grand theft auto v and in the C ending. 3 antagonists are scumbags not even close to be a real antagonists. I through Epsilon Program should be the next antagonist for the next gta.
  3. i modded sanandreas with lots of mod game is working fine i was thinking about a sanandreas version with good graohics and working on all systems but this ground falling made me diappointed hep me and tell me which mod is causing this
  4. Please help me find this skin if u have the download or know where I can find it please put it in the comments.
  5. This is a Gator Keys Map mod for GTA Vice City. This Mod adds two islands on the south of Vice City (near Docks/Airport area). The mod is made to show how the Gator Keys might have looked in Beta stages of the game.. The installation tutorial is there in Readme file. If you don't understand that tutorial or you want to see the mod before installing it you can watch this video... MOD Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tsxk6yevqx53e05/Gator_Keys_MOD.rar/file
  6. I downloaded GTA San Andreas with some mods that in the past worked perfectly and now when i play for 2-3 minutes it freezes and i get the error "gta_sa.exe has stopped working". I tried solutions that are on the internet and still the same error. I installed Ultimate Asi Loader and Open Limit Adjuster (StreamMemory fixes too) but i still get that error. Can someone help me ? Note : I use Windows 7
  7. Work in Progress Outcast Devils Motorcycle Club Est. 2015 (Free-Aim Only) Outcast Devils Motorcycle Club is a club based in the San Andreas area. We are a brotherhood like no other. We grow together and create bonds of friendship, trust, and memories. We uphold our code and will fight with and for our brothers until the end. We've built our club from the ground up, and have been building it since August 21st, 2015. We've grown and gained many highly skilled members Our excellent community follows a strict code of conduct, and our club laws help hold the integrity of the club. We put our club and family first. We can normally be found in public free-aim lobbies, normally in the city and occasionally visiting the deserts to go on rides and earn money. We can also be found releasing Hell upon those who stand between us and what we want, however this does not mean we are a kill on sight kind of crew. Our crew is based primarily in North America, however anyone will be treated fairly when it comes to prospecting. Want to Join? Post your age, (including at least your month and year of birth) time zone, and your PSN here and I will get back to you ASAP. I will contact you to schedule a brief meet-up and after that, the President will be informed about you and you may or may not be allowed to start prospecting. Prospecting Our prospects, unlike most other outlaw clubs, aren't nameless within our crew. As you can see about, they are already apart of the family with the top rocker, they're only prospecting for the center patch to become a true Outcast Devil. We allow our prospects to vote within our club, but their vote is the last to be considered during church. We consider our prospects as brothers and sisters instead of just labor. Prospecting normally lasts between 3-4 weeks however the time can be extended or decreased depending on the specific prospects performance. Prospects responsibility is to do what the club asks and to do what they think is right for the club. One-Percent Rules A member of the Outcast Devils will only use pistols, sub-machine guns, pump shotguns, and assault rifles. A member of the Outcast Devils will never use explosives. A member of the Outcast Devils will never use a machine gun. (omit sub-machine guns) A member of the Outcast Devils will never use sniper rifles. A member of the Outcast Devils will never use a semi-automatic or fully-automatic shotgun A member of the Outcast Devils will never use heavy weaponry. A member of the Outcast Devils will never use armored/weaponized vehicles. "Make them remember the Devil"
  8. I need a fast reply, please..... It is Important (maybe) What is the GTA3.img fle name for: PigPen Broadway(Car) and The other Strip Clubs I want to delete those Strip Clubs and modify Broadway **GTAPLACE: Please approve the post.Please **
  9. GTA V - In Real Life (Fan video - Bank Heist) Hello friends. We recently completed a video about the Bank heist in real life, in the style of GTA online. For me it became an unforgettable experience (we did a few takes with weapons near the active bank, it scared people around) Video has some shortcomings, but we are not professionals, and just fans of GTA online . I suggest you watch it and appreciate it ) I will be glad to hear criticism) (video has engl subs)
  10. I'm trying to find a Bobcat, but I've already got the one for Stevie, so that one won't spawn. Are there any other spots that one will spawn 100% all the time?
  11. GTA 5 Funny Moments - GTA 5 Next Gen - Scary Maze Encounter! http://youtu.be/R3iJ2-UTMuk
  12. Domestic Battery are recruiting! Are you a PS3 gamer who is looking for a mature group of people to game with? Has your crew shrunken in size since the next gen version release and you find it hard to find good people to game with? Do you like to race clean? If your answers to these questions are yes then check out our Website and Social Club Page. If you like what you see and want to join, then sign up on the website and post a little introduction. We DO NOT free roam kill other crew members. We ALWAYS race clean. (although we know accidents can and do happen) We have a PACKED international event calendar. We are also recruiting for PS4
  13. Hi all! I am looking at getting loads of people together to race with. At the moment I only seem to race with 4 people max when joining a race. What I am looking to do is to get everyone into a crew (as many as possible) and then Ill send an invite to everyone in that crew when I am on to race! I stream at www.twitch.tv/stimohd so you can see when I am online and on GTA. My psn is 'stimo' so feel free to add me. My open crew is called 'AthenaEU'. Anyone is welcome to join but I will only really be hosting race playlists. Hopefully activity is great and we can then test the 30man races! Lets make this work! Join now to be invited next time! *Most evenings ill be on!*
  14. Hi guys! Check this out! This mod is too coooool Super cars and handlings... I love it so much and I decided to share with you! Download link is in the description! Have much much fun ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNY2gITL6m4&list=UUYaEdhXCAMHtyhOW7cngrzg
  15. Check out part 1 of a new training video series from a competitive shooter on gta online covering the basics of combat mechanism including tips & tricks. If you're deeply in shooting or if you're interested to pick up/sharpen some useful moves in combat then this video is right for you! Enjoy! http://youtu.be/KBUblJLemnA
  16. I can't find it why it's so hard.
  17. I need help with this mission. For some reason, everytime I get to the last roadblock, the van speeds in and blows up. Help, please ? http://gtasnp.com/download/43630 Also attached is the save if the download doesn't work. Please continue my save. No hacks or cheats please! I want to make the gameplsy experience fun and normal. Hacks, mods, and cheats take away from that for me. Please dk this one mission for me.
  18. Why my San Andreas crash after I mod the game? :?: :?:
  19. I have noticed that the super jump cheat for ps3 in the GTA Cheats app for GTA V is wrong. It should be: left left triangle triangle right right left right square r1 r2. The one in the app is l2 l2 square circle circle l2 square square left right x
  20. Hey guys, LoS Productions has been working on a web series and I;m putting out the teaser. I would love your guys' feedback before the series officially kicks off. If you like it...give it a like, if not tell me what need to be better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H41AA9ziZaM
  21. So I Saw This Youtube Video A Couple Of Them Actually, I Think These Guy's Did Good Overall Maybe The Editing Needed A Touch Up But I See What They Are Trying To Do. Basically What We Do On LS-RP They Want Some Support How About We Help You Know? Drop A Like/Sub/Comment Let Them Know How They Did Anyways Ill Post The Info. This Is There Newest One First For The GTA IV Series I Guess They Took A BackStep Because On There Videos It Really Had No Beginning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4C7_1GnmYk This Is One Of There Funniest Video's For GTA V Series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwdUMkif-2A&list=PLEPaDMFPyqMBwQ9O5EqSqgI3nuFs6vCb4 And Here Are Some Others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnGISAM45CE&list=PLEPaDMFPyqMBwQ9O5EqSqgI3nuFs6vCb4&index=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brA0UiO9OKQ&index=2&list=PLEPaDMFPyqMBwQ9O5EqSqgI3nuFs6vCb4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eppiAJwgozQ&index=3&list=PLEPaDMFPyqMBwQ9O5EqSqgI3nuFs6vCb4 And This Is There Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BrokeBoySavages Lets Show Some Love And From What The Person Who Made The Account Said When I Asked He Said That They Are Looking For Some Good Actors And There Are On The XBOX 360 Console
  22. Hey All This is one of the easiest Money Glitches i have seen in a long time and you sell cars for full price with no 45 minute wait 20 Million An Hour EASY Step By Step Guide 1.Start In Your Garage have as many Elergys as you want and a car your doing this glitch with 2.Make sure its night time and drive out and find a Hooker or Lady Of The Night 3.Pick her up by beeping the horn and drive her to the location shown in the video and make sure both doors of the car are blocked 4.Shoot your gun until she is scared this will stop her from getting out of the car 5. you get out and kill her you should glitch out of the car if done correctly 6.Drive into your apartment. Then go to the blue circle and select the car with the Hoker in and then select an elergy. 7 You now have 2 Adders. 8. drive out and back in again for every Elergy your going to turn into an Adder. 9. Sell them 1 at a time GET RICH Full Guide
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf8SouGKs1o This video teaches you how to FLY UNDER THE MAP in GTA V Online! I hope you all enjoy this video, the glitch is quite cool
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