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  1. Hi, im trying to find a program that will enable me to customise cars from gta 4 or any car file so i can ajust parts on like wheels, spoiler etc, im not sure what i need exactly. ive looked at zmodeler but i couldnt get it to start up on my computer for some reason :/, does anyone know of ny other programmes i could use that job ?? Thanks
  2. Well i surpose there busy with GTA chinatown wars but i think GTA sas will still come, just not fast. We know it would be hard to fit sas onto a umd and the psp is getting old now with an updated new psp being developed at the moment which wont be using umd. there surly will be putting in on that i hope.
  3. To be honest the release for GTA feels like a long time ago and with me completing it pretty quick and with hardly any side missions i am losing intrest in it and i dont think the DLC is coming quick enough to keep me occupied with the game. These 2 eposodes had better be really good for me to go back playing. San Andreas kept me occupied for over a year with nothing added to it. What do you think.
  4. Well if nintendo are having a gta game for the DS we had better have a mario game for the ps3 and 360 for a laugh cuz i think the DS having a gta title is a joke.
  5. I was wondering how i can find a friends hotmail address but i only know his first and second name. is this possible to do.
  6. I know already that you can mod san andreas for ps2 but can it be done for vice city. Has anyone done this before.
  7. The new Getaway has been canceled. And I don't think the diffeence of memory size between the Blu Ray and the HD-DVD is that big. Sorry i got the disc sizes wrong an xbox 360 DVD single layer disc is 4.7 GB and a dual layer DVD is 8.54 GB. A single layer blu-ray disc is 25 GB and dual layer blu-ray disc is 50 GB. I didn't know anything about the getaway being canceled though.
  8. To start with the name sounds a bit crap maybe if they just called it GTA Chinatown it would be a bit better than chinatown wars. I thought it was a fake screen someone had made up to start with. I was looking forward to see if GTA SAS would ever come out but I dont know now. At the moment I am hoping the game is in 3D. Trying to think about what the plot will be and what features it will have in it or will it just be a online multiplayer gang war game.
  9. I think it will be 3D as its not fun in 2D
  10. I dont want them to do London because that is already covered by the getaway and a new getaway is coming soon so i think it would be a bit pointless and probably boring. I think it will go like this: For PS2, xbox and PC this has happened. GTA 3 (liberty city 2001) GTA Vice City (vice city 1986) GTA San Andreas (san andreas 1992) PS2 and PSP this happened. GTA Liberty City Stories (1998) GTA Vice City Stories (1983) Brand new confirmed for the DS GTA Chinatown Wars (Liberty City 2008) I dont think any more gta DS games will be released after this. PS3 and Xbox 360 GTA 4 (Liberty City 2008) GTA 5 (Vice city 2010) GTA 6 Could do san andreas for ps3 as a blue ray disc has 50 gb of memory but xbox only has about 18 gb so unsure. another possibilty is a new city but a city still from america or by that time new consoles like PS4 and Xbox 720 that will have better features to make san andreas for both consoles.
  11. I did think about that at one point but the graphics for it wouldn't be to good and the DS cant handle gta 4 graphics.
  12. The size of chinatown in gta 3 and LCS isn't that big really so how are they going to do it, do you think they'll recreate a bigger chinatown for the game or put the whole of liberty city on. If they just have chinatown how are they going to make the boundrys around it to stop you going further. What i have seen of the DS so far isn't looking to good, I dont like the graphics at all i am just hoping this game will use all the DSs technology to be the best DS game ever.
  13. I'm gonna add you on PSN.

  14. thanks for the info, looking at them now.
  15. I am pretty new to modding. so far all i can do is replace cars but i want to go further with it. I was wondering what the best tool is for modding maps, buildings, radar, etc. I have downloaded collision editor 2 but its complicated and i can't work it that good. If anyone can help me find a descent tool or tutorial on this i would be greatful.
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