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  1. Anxious for TBoGT PS3 port!! Grrrrrr...

  2. Reading the posts above about London, I think it'd be cool. I wouldn't mind Vice City being re-done, but I'd rather see a completely new place. Something that hasn't been made. GTA: Atlantic Ocean. That'd be epic. The enemy...sharks...lots and lots of sharks...ok maybe not.
  3. No more exclusivity for certain systems for DLC. I'd also like to see some small, more regular DLC (I.E. New weapons, cars, minigames), and every few months, for a while, get a new mission set. Too much to ask for? I hope not...
  4. I read what you posted on the other site. Idk. If R* DID make another game involving San Andreas or Vice City, I'm sure they would stick to the RAGE engine. But I think V should have it's on independence in the series, like IV did. I mean, IV was a COMPLETE overhaul. Back to the main topic: If they do want to revamp an old city, I think Vice City would be the only smart choice, considering San Andreas isn't that old, and it's quite a large enviornment to revamp with a new game engine and everything. But I'd like to see a new city that we've never seen. Let's go Grand Theft Auto: Boston!
  5. I wouldn't mind getting back into GTAIV after a long time. It'd be fun to play with some other people who like to play GTA online. I know my way around the city pretty well, I like to snipe, I'm a pretty good driver, good at timing grenades (dropping one to blow up a chasing car), and I'm currently either level 5 or 6. So please get back to me if you're recruiting.
  6. LOL pwnd I mean, it's dumb enough to log onto facebook in that situation to begin with, but how stupid can you possibly be to keep yourself logged in?? Now we know to check the log in history on our computers if we think we've been burgled. lmao
  7. Welcome to the forums! Make sure you get around to setting up your profile.

  8. Oh hell yeah! I wish they at least would have added the parachute in GTA IV to begin with. The only things I'd get it for (besides the missions of course) are the parachute and P90 w/ silencer. lol
  9. The N.O.O.S.E. is seen in missions enough times to be made into a DLC pack. Don't you think? Like, you get to play as a N.O.O.S.E. operative and you play through things like the drug deal with Niko, Johnny, and Playboy, the bank robbery, and any other N.O.O.S.E. raids that I forgot, and more. And some cool weapons with silencers, maybe add NVGs or TVGs like in SA. After this parachute and base jumping added to TBoGT, you can repel down buildings, just some cool tactical stuff like that, but GTA form. And you can change in and out of your N.O.O.S.E. uniform when not on Ops. Idk, I just like that tactical style, but to see it on GTA would be way cool. Anywho, reply and tell me what you think.
  10. silverballer95


    Oh yeah, I didn't see any posts about this, so just incase, the game has to do with the Cold War. If anyone gave it real thought, you'd realize that '70s espionage probably has to do with the Cold War.
  11. silverballer95


    Just to let ppl know, I think Team Bonzai went bankrupt and was too short on developers. So we're fucked with L.A. Noire until R* finds a new company to help. And we have quite a hand full of games coming from R* soon: AGENT, Cinatown Wars on PSP, Red Dead Redemption, Gay Tony. So I think this stuff will hold us off 'til (and if) L.A. Noire comes out.
  12. Ok. One person is the detective, and a couple of ppl are criminals. Turn off blips and player tags. The detective sees criminals beating up pedestrians. The criminals run and do whatever it takes to get away. Criminals cannot directly shoot the detective. They can shoot the detectives car 'til it blows up, pop the tires out, just can't pop the detective. The detective has to follow them as best as he can without loosing them. He can shoot the criminals. Also, pistols only is safest way to play, if you want to have a decently long game. Tell me you like it. I made it up.
  13. I'd like to congradulate Husky for guessing the player correctly a while ago. When I heard you were gonna play as Louise, the first thing I thought about was Husky's thread. lol so congrats!
  14. I don't know if you guys can do this yet, because I know everyone is still getting used to GTA IV modding, but I'm going to just throw this idea out there. Can someone make a mod so that a bottle is on the end of a glock pistol (normal pistol) for a silencer? Cause I know there is already bottles in the game, but I don't know if that really would make it any easier. I don't have GTA IV for the PC (all I have is a laptop) and I'd really like to see a mod like that. Even if you can't do it yet (no one might know how) just make a quick reply so I don't get any high hopes. funniest smiley EVER!
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