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  1. Does anyone know if there is any mod that makes Tommy swim?
  2. Yeah I know about the boatyard I only miss 4 ships. And I have completed all the cars.
  3. I have completed the list and the game says that I have a bonus but no bonus comes!!! Any ideas????? Actualy I have completed 2 of the lists!
  4. Thanks I found it !! Pics coming very soon!
  5. I've puted it but I cant find it. In the readme says that is near LA Beach but where is LA Beach???
  6. Does anyone have a guide or somethin for the unicue jumps?????
  7. The program I've downloaded from rockstar games does not find my CD-DVD drive What should i do?
  8. Does anyone know how can i put mp3 songs in game for psp??
  9. Thanks boys I'm puting the map now!!!
  10. Thanks everyone here it helped very much!
  11. Thanks dude (sorry about this)!!!!
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