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  1. GTA Noob

    GTA vice city swimming mod?

    Does anyone know if there is any mod that makes Tommy swim?
  2. GTA Noob

    Civil Asset Foreiture Impund

    Yeah I know about the boatyard I only miss 4 ships. And I have completed all the cars.
  3. GTA Noob

    Civil Asset Foreiture Impund

    Thanks I'll try!
  4. I have completed the list and the game says that I have a bonus but no bonus comes!!! Any ideas????? Actualy I have completed 2 of the lists!
  5. GTA Noob

    Drift map?

    Thanks I found it !! Pics coming very soon!
  6. GTA Noob

    Drift map?

    I've puted it but I cant find it. In the readme says that is near LA Beach but where is LA Beach???
  7. Does anyone have a guide or somethin for the unicue jumps?????
  8. GTA Noob

    VCS Custom Tracks

    The program I've downloaded from rockstar games does not find my CD-DVD drive What should i do?
  9. Does anyone know how can i put mp3 songs in game for psp??
  10. GTA Noob

    Looking for a car?

    Thanks dude!
  11. GTA Noob

    Drift map?

    Thanks boys I'm puting the map now!!!
  12. GTA Noob

    Handlng explanation?

    Thanks everyone here it helped very much!
  13. GTA Noob

    Looking for a car? v.2

    Thanks dude (sorry about this)!!!!
  14. GTA Noob

    San andreas drifting mod?

    Thanks dude!!!