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  1. raazman

    GTA:SA Update Quick Question.

    I have this same exact problem. I even posted a post on this yesterday. I have an ATI x300 and my card is also dissabled after about 30 mins of playing. My gfx card is hot and my screen just goes black...asking for a reboot. I did not overclock my card either. I think that if you upgrade, you won't be able to mod GTA:SA. I think that's why there are downgrader patches, but I havent tried myself. I really hope that a patch/upgrade will fix this problem. I would rather play normal without mods than to have a modded GTA:SA that crashes the gfx card every 30 mins.
  2. Ok, I have this very annoying problem. I have an ATI x300 video card w/ 3.2ghz p4, 1 gb ram, 8/80 gb hd left. When I play GTA:SA, it plays fine for about 30 mins. But all of a sudden, when I'm in the middle of the game, my screen turns black. This is what I think is when my gfx card shuts off. I then cant see my screen obviously, so I have to hard-restart. Then everything is normal again. I feel my gfx card and its burning hot. I mean there is no smoke or anything, but its hot. Both my fans are running and I even play Battlefield 2, Counter-Strike: Source, WarRock, America's Army, Enemy Territory: Wofenstein perfectly fine on my computer with my gfx card. The settings are on low, atleast the one in the options->display->advanced->detail? is on low. I have no clue as to why my gfx card does this. I mean, I don't thin this game is too demanding. If anyone knows of a bug in GTA:SA that could be patched or anything, that would be great! raazman
  3. raazman

    Game Backups

    is a gta.img an image of the whole cd/dvd? Or is it a collection of files that people usually break?